‘Big Brother’: [Spoiler] Admits the Vote Was a Blindside and Reacts to Hannah’s Message

Big Brother fans were expecting a blindside but things played out a little differently on eviction night. Now the evicted houseguest is admitting there was a blindside in a way and reacted to one of the goodbye messages.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for the Big Brother 23 episode on July 29!]

There was a blindside plan on ‘Big Brother’

The third week of Big Brother 23 was an exciting one. Xavier Prather won Head of Household (HOH) and had the job of nominating people for the block. 

He chose Brent Champagne as his target and Britini D’Angelo as his pawn. But he lied to Brent claiming he was just a pawn. The rest of the house agreed to lie in order to blindside him and avoid him blowing up their games.

Brent knew he was the target but thought he was safe. He was counting on his team, Team Aces (Whitney Williams, Derek Xiao, and Hannah Chaddha) and Team Queens  (Claire Rehfuss, Tiffany Mitchell, and Kyland Young) to vote for him. 

Brent Champagne was evicted on ‘Big Brother 23’

The flight attendant believed he knew he had the votes to stay. So he hoped to blindside everyone by having Britini evicted instead.

But in the end, Brent was voted out with a vote of 11 to 0. He had a long interview with Julie Chen Moonves and didn’t seem that surprised by his demise. 

“To be honest, I’m not shocked,” Brent told her. “It’s the right play. If you don’t get me out, I was gonna create a lot of havoc in the house.”

The other houseguests made goodbye messages to Brent. Hannah had a more scathing one.

“Oh, Brent! The number 2 rule in Big Brother is if you feel too comfortable or safe, that’s usually a good indication that you’re going home,” Hannah said. “But unfortunately, your arrogance didn’t allow you to see that. So this is Hannah speaking from flight BB23. Enjoy your flight home!”

Brent admits he was blindsided by the vote and reacts to Hannah’s message

Hannah Chaddha of 'Big Brother 23' poses with her hands on her hips in front of a grey background.
Hannah Chaddha of ‘Big Brother 23’ | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

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“I was blindsided by a unanimous decision. Even my team got rid of me so [laughs],” Brent told Rob Has a Podcast. He was asked when he started to suspect he might go home.

“I’m big with body language and I’m big with how people’s mannerisms change and proximity and all those things that you just analyze,” Brent said. “People, their subconscious gives away a lot about what they’re feeling even when they try to tell themselves act a certain way.” 

Brent also claimed he could read lips really well and could tell. “Christian [Birkenberger] slipped in the bathroom saying that the girls sent three guys home in the first three weeks. That’s why they think they’re smarter than us and everything,” he said. “It was just funny how everything slipped out.”

He was asked what part of the night surprised him. “Definitely my team evicting me,” he answered. “Because it just feels as though the team aspect if I win in a competitive competition they get immunity as well,” he said. Brent believes Christian should be a target because of all the competitions he won.

The flight attendant talked about Hannah’s goodbye message. “I knew something was up because she was acting a lot differently toward me this last couple of days,” Brent said. “Something was off and our communication kinda fell off a little bit.”

In the end, he claimed Hannah is playing the best game by being reserved. He also claimed Azah Awasum has the same strategy.