‘Big Brother’ Spoiler: A Final 3 Forms Within The Cookout

Big Brother 23 has mostly been controlled secretly by an alliance. But what happens when The Cookout turns on each other? There is a final-three deal within the group already.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for the Big Brother 23 live feeds on Aug. 23!]

The Cookout plans to stick together until final 6 on ‘Big Brother 23’

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Azah Awasum, Kyland Young, Xavier Prather, Hannah Chaddha, Derek Frazier, and Tiffany Mitchell agreed to never target each other early in the season. They stuck to that, and eventually, their deal became a final six deal called The Cookout.

They have paired off with their own allies outside The Cookout. This way, they had a lot of influence over the house, and if they ever ended up on the block with their pawn, they can evict the pawn.

A finale 3 forms within The Cookout on ‘Big Brother’

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Derek F, Kyland, and Xavier want to make it to the end together. Derek F and Kyland met up to talk about their plans moving forward on Aug. 23. Derek F said it would be great if all six of them make it to the end together.

Derek F said if he wins HOH next week, he’ll put Kyland and Claire Rehfuss on the block. Xavier will also be on the block because of his punishment. He then hopes to become the secret HOH. Kyland suggested he can win the veto, and Sarah Beth Steagall would go up, and Derek F agreed. 

Derek F hopes Claire then Alyssa Lopez would be the next ones to go. Kyland said this is a good plan because if there is a battle back and Derek Xiao wins, he wouldn’t partner up with Alyssa. 

Derek F said if he wins the Coin of Destiny, then he would take Claire down and put up Sarah Beth. The hope is that this move would be blamed on Tiffany. 

Derek F then asked them how they’re going to get to the final three together. Xavier said they’re all guaranteed to play in vetos at the final six. So they can all take turns winning HOH competitions and vetos. Kyland said he doesn’t see the women winning any of those competitions. 

There is a duo in The Cookout 

Tiffany Mitchell smiles and wears a white floral dress.
Tiffany Mitchell of ‘Big Brother 23’ | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

The men aren’t the only ones thinking ahead. Tiffany previously said she wants to make it to the final 2 with Hannah.

“I would love to sit in the final two chairs with Chaddha. That’s Hannah. She’s an amazing young woman,” Tiffany told the cameras. She has worked hard to keep Hannah safe by targeting Sarah Beth; once it came out she was targeting Hannah.

It looks like there aren’t many Cookout members including Azah in their plans down the road, so it’s unclear how long she’ll make it. But it looks like the players are getting ready for a showdown.