‘Big Brother’ Star Holly Allen Reveals Her Biggest Regret From Season 21

Big Brother 21 runner-up Holly Allen barely lost to her showmance and ex-boyfriend, Jackson Michie. Nearly a year later, she reflected on her gameplay in an interview with finalist and America’s Favorite Houseguest Nicole Anthony and revealed her biggest regret.

Jackson Michie, Host Julie Chen Moonves, Holly Allen and Nicole Anthony on 'Big Brother 21' season finale
Jackson Michie, Host Julie Chen Moonves, Holly Allen and Nicole Anthony on ‘Big Brother 21’ season finale | Monty Brinton

Holly Allen on ‘Big Brother 21’

Last summer, then 31-year-old Holly Allen competed on Big Brother 21 alongside 15 new houseguestsShe joined the majority alliance and remained under the radar until Jack Matthews exposed her pre-existing relationship with houseguest Kathryn Dunn.

She and her showmance Jackson Michie aligned with outsiders Cliff Hogg III and Nicole Anthony and went on an unprecedented challenge-streak to land in the Final Two chairs.

Even though a few female jurors felt disrespected by Michie, they awarded him the win. Regardless, jury members thought he played the better game due to his record-breaking competition wins than the wine safari guide who also won a few challenges but remained relatively lowkey.

However, the Wyoming-native believes she played an excellent game and thinks she could have won had she explained what she did behind the scenes.

Holly Allen wants to return for ‘Big Brother: All-Stars 2’

In an interview with Nicole Anthony, the former pageant beauty noted she would like to return, even though the experience took a toll on her “psyche and body.” However, she found it “empowering” and wants to go back because she has many unresolved issues.

According to the 32-year-old, the edit did not show her behind-the-scenes gameplay or air her strategy, which she claims she thoroughly explained in the Diary Room. Therefore, she wants to return to prove that she played a great game and wasn’t carried to the end, as many believe.

Holly Allen reveals her biggest regret from ‘Big Brother 21’

The wine safari guide continued and admitted her lack of edit was her biggest regret in the game as she came on the reality series to “show ordinary girls they can be extraordinary.”

She explained she was “proud” of her gameplay, physical strength, making it far in the game without getting nominated, her “under the radar game,” and how she “manipulated” and orchestrated events behind-the-scenes.

Therefore, the 32-year-old couldn’t wait to watch it after returning home but was disappointed to see so much of her gameplay left out of the show. Anthony agreed her co-star played a great game because Allen told her everything she did behind-the-scenes, which is why she cast her vote for the former pageant beauty to win.


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Allen claimed jury members told her after the fact they would have “voted differently” had they known all the strategy she incorporated in her gameplay, which she calls “salt in the wounds” because it’s too late now.

If the 32-year-old returned, she would vocalize her lowkey game more and hope the edit showcases her game more for those watching, including the “ordinary girls” she wants to inspire.

While CBS has yet to release an official statement regarding Big Brother 22, many insiders have revealed it’s an All-Star season that should premiere sometime in July 2020.