‘Big Brother’: Taylor Hale Celebrates a Month of Calling Joseph Abdin ‘Mine’ With Stunning Photo

Big Brother added a new couple to a long list of couples that formed because of the show. Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin celebrated their love by sharing a new photo with their fans.

Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin started dating after ‘Big Brother 24’

Joseph Abdin and Taylor Hale
Joseph Abdin and Taylor Hale | Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Fans noticed Taylor and Joseph had a lot of chemistry between them in the house. They were just friends, although they had a fauxmance in hopes of helping their game.

After the season, Taylor and Joseph reunited and were almost inseparable. They went on the cruise that Taylor won as America’s Favorite Player.

After that, they announced they were a couple. “My connection with Joseph has been undeniable, and I knew from the moment he kissed me on finale night that we’d find a way to be together,” Hale told People. “His heart is bigger than the galaxy, and now we have the privilege of sharing our hearts with each other. I love him so much – I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

Abdin talked about their instant connection. “From the moment I saw Taylor, I knew she was something special,” he said. “Our spark started within the show and we decided to wait until after the game. Since then, we have only gotten closer and confirmed what we already knew. It has been a rollercoaster of an experience, but I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone else. She is a remarkable woman that I am so grateful to call mine. She may have won Big Brother, but I won so much more.”

Taylor Hale shares a new picture with Joseph Abdin for their anniversary

Taylor tweeted a new picture with Joseph on Dec. 1. The stunning couple wore all black and posed on a black leather couch. She simply wrote, “Mine. #onemonth.”

Fans and alums of Big Brother replied to the tweet. “PHEW. Y’all look goooooooooooooooooooooooooooodttt!” Azah Awasum from Big Brother 23 wrote.

One fan tweeted a video of Taylor saying, “Everybody talking about that’s my man, that’s my man, that’s my man.” The Big Brother winner replied, “This is gonna haunt me.”

“Oh wow!!! [heart eye emoji] Love to see it. Have fun love birds [heart emojis],” Janelle Pierzina replied.

Do Joseph and Taylor see the possibility of marriage one day?

The couple talked to Julie Chen Moonves on God101. Taylor mentioned the work they did to know they were ready to commit.

“We had the conversations,” Taylor said. “We understood each other deeply. We lived in a very small space together on top of being in the Big Brother house. I think this is it for the long haul. So that’s where we lock things in.”

The host asked if the long haul meant marriage was in their future. “I do see Joseph as my life partner,” she said. “I think even when we had some of the worst conflicts or things to overcome, the way that we approach it is so mature, and I never had to face adversity in a way that’s so adult and healthy. So I think he and I can get through–if we get through Big Brother and craziness thrown at us and things that been said about us afterward, we can really make it through everything.”


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