‘Big Brother 22’: The Committee Likely Wouldn’t Have Existed if It Weren’t for a Last Minute Switch

Although The Committee will go down in Big Brother history as one of the most dominant alliances of all time, many BB22 viewers noted it made the season predictable and boring. After the season, Kevin Campbell revealed that Memphis Garrett, the founder of The Committee, joined the cast late due to a last-minute switch. Therefore, if CBS hadn’t pulled a houseguest shortly before the season began, The Committee probably would have never happened.

Houseguests Cody and Derrick chat in the fire room, on Big Brother 16
Houseguests Cody and Derrick chat in the fire room, on Big Brother 16 | Sonja Flemming

Memphis Garrett founded The Committee on ‘Big Brother 22’

Big Brother 10 runner-up Memphis Garrett returned for the second All-Stars season and immediately made alliances. He approached then-Head of Household Cody Calafiore during the first couple of days in the season and made a final two deal with him, “The Commission.”

The former runner-up wanted to insulate themselves in a six-person alliance. Therefore, he individually approached Nicole Franzel, Tyler Crispen, Christmas Abbott, and Dani Briones to join “The Committee.”

The coalition dominated the rest of the game, only losing two HOHs to close affiliate Enzo Palumbo. They lost two Power of Veto competitions to outsiders Da’Vonne Rogers and Kevin Campbell but guaranteed their targets went home every week.

However, their dominance made the season too predictable, which bored many fans.

Kaycee Clark and Josh Martinez didn’t return for ‘Big Brother 22’

Several insiders claimed former winners Kaycee Clark (BB20) and Josh Martinez (BB19) would return for season 22. Additionally, they landed in Los Angeles alongside the other cast members for COVID-19 testing a few weeks before the season began.

The two later started posting on their social media, proving they weren’t a part of the cast but didn’t address why. During the first week of BB22, Janelle Pierzina claimed the former winners were supposed to play this season but couldn’t because they produced positive COVID-19 tests.

Shortly after the season ended filming, Josh took to social media to address the rumors and revealed that the positive test was false, but CBS pulled him from the cast anyway.

Kaycee hasn’t acknowledged why she didn’t return for season 22. Their return would have placed four winners in the house instead of two.

Memphis might have never returned for ‘Big Brother 22’

A couple of days after the finale, returning finalist and third jury member Kevin Campbell broadcasted live on his Instagram account. He spoke about the drama between him and Da’Vonne Rogers and addressed the Kaycee and Josh rumors.

According to Kevin, he saw a “reliable source” indicating the BB20 winner would likely return but doesn’t know why she didn’t. However, he said their presence “would’ve shifted the number of POCs in the house.”


‘Big Brother 22’: Memphis Garrett Says He Created The Committee While in Sequester

Additionally, he noted that Memphis was one of the last players cast, likely due to the cancellations. Because the BB10 runner-up created The Committee, that dominant alliance probably wouldn’t have existed, which “would’ve shifted the game.”

Kaycee likely would have teamed up with close friend and ally Tyler again, while Josh already stated he would have loved to work with Kaysar Ridha, Da’Vonne, or Janelle. Additionally, Dani and Nicole probably wouldn’t have teamed up with Tyler. Big Brother 23 returns next summer.

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