‘Big Brother’: Tiffany Admits She’d Vote for This Houseguest to Win

Big Brother always comes down to a jury vote. Tiffany Mitchell is still in the game, but she has admitted who she would vote for if she is on the jury.

[SPOILERS ALERT: This article reveals details of the Big Brother episode that aired on Sept. 12.]

Tiffany Mitchell is a strong competitor on ‘Big Brother’

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Tiffany is a great strategic player. She pushed to form The Cookout alliance and got them to follow a great strategy. They never were all in the same room for most of the season. They also partnered up with someone outside of the alliance in order to have pawns for the block.

It all worked, but now The Cookout is the final six. Tiffany has been aligning with Hannah Chaddha and Azah Awasum. 

That means Tiffany would have to find a way to get Derek Frazier, Kyland Young, and Xavier Prather out. But she was already on their radar for unexpectedly winning the Head of Household (HOH) last week.

Tiffany admits she’d vote for this houseguest to win 

Tiffany Mitchell poses for 'Big Brother 23' cast photo
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguest, Tiffany Mitchell | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

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The Sept. 13 episode showed The Cookout celebrating their historic run. But it didn’t take long for cracks in the former alliance to show. Kyland was upset Hannah put him on the block. Tiffany and Hannah tried to smooth things over with him. Then he won HOH.

“I need Kyland to see that there are bigger targets in this house just in case he may be looking at me,” Tiffany said in the diary room. “Xavier will win this game if he continues to move forward. I would even vote for him.”

She then added, “I am just hoping that Kyland stands true to this final deal between him, Hannah, and myself.” Tiffany told Kyland that she didn’t want to compete against Xavier at all. She preferred for Xavier to go along with Derek Frazier. 

Tiffany also reminded Kyland that Claire Rehfuss said she’s going to jury and telling everyone to vote for Xavier. “Even if she doesn’t convince people to vote for X, he still wins, “she said. 

Kyland agreed with Tiffany, but he said Tiffany would also be difficult to beat. He still decided to put Hannah and Tiffany on the block.

Claire did talk about Xavier’s game in her eviction speech in the last episode. “Houseguests, I find myself almost at a loss for words because I’m sitting next to the fabulous [Xavier Prather], and he is loyal, and he is trustworthy,” Claire said. “In three weeks, he’s gonna be $750,000 richer because for me to go and him to stay, he must be playing a damn fine game. And for that to happen, I have to tip my hat to him, and I’m gonna be going to jury potentially, and I’ll make sure all the jury knows that as well.”

Her speech didn’t matter much since The Cookout was determined to protect each other. But it looks like Tiffany agrees with Claire, and if she makes it to the jury, she would be another vote for Xavier.