‘Big Brother’: Todrick Hall Says ‘Open Moments’ in Live Feeds Misconstrued Shanna Moakler Controversy

Celebrity Big Brother star Todrick Hall canceled his media interviews after finishing season 3 as runner-up. During his time on the show, he received backlash for insensitive comments he made about Shanna Moakler. The singer has since opened up about the controversy, pointing to “open moments” in Live Feeds he believes led to misinformation surrounding their relationship.

Todrick Hall smiling at the “Influence The World” Launches and Shanna Moakler posing at the 2019 Heroes' Harvest
‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ houseguests, Todrick Hall and Shanna Moakler | Tommaso Boddi; Michael Bezjian/Getty Images

Todrick Hall says ‘open moments’ in Live Feeds led to misinformation regarding the situation with Shanna Moakler

A little over a month after finishing Celebrity Big Brother 3 as runner-up, Todrick Hall opened up about his time in the house to Entertainment Tonight.

Speaking to Denny Directo, the singer admitted he had regrets, but ultimately is “proud” of his gameplay that got him far in the competition. According to the dancer, he bonded with his housemates and enjoyed them.


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The 36-year-old also acknowledged his controversial history with Shanna Moakler, insisting the series didn’t show him “rooting” for her on the other side of the house. Additionally, he admitted the two had “heated” exchanges.

However, he claims he believed the Live Feeds would film them 24/7 but has since realized “open moments” when the cameras only broadcasted 7% of the daily content to viewers. “The audience is forced to try to fill in the blanks of what happened during that time with information,” which he feels doesn’t accurately portray his situation with Shanna.

He made controversial comments about Shanna during ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’

After aligning with nearly everyone in the house, Todrick pledged his loyalty to UFC fighter Miesha Tate, and they formed a dominant duo. Due to her several wins, she presented the largest target, and Carson Kressley immediately targeted her when he had the chance.

To save her, Todrick convinced Carson that his ally, Shanna Moakler, initially teamed up with them and began playing both sides. Head of Household at the time, the RuPaul’s Drag Race judge believed him and disastrously backdoored Shanna during his reign.

Although a clever play due to saving Miesha’s life in the game, he campaigned by speaking poorly about Shanna. His comments, which many fans classified as slut-shaming, and additional commentary after her eviction turned viewers, and houseguests, namely Todd Bridges, who watched the Live Feed clips following their exit, against him.

Due to the jury not appreciating Todrick’s gameplay and being impressed with Miesha’s physical prowess throughout the competition, she won in a 7-1 vote.

Todrick canceled exit interviews after season; cited mental health reasons

Following his time on the show, Todrick canceled his exit interviews, disabled his Instagram comments, and largely remained off social media before returning to promote his upcoming tour.

In a March 12 post, he broke his silence, denying that he stayed away from the media due to fear of having to talk about his controversial time on the show. Instead, Todrick insisted he decided to “avoid” the media “to protect myself” and mental health so that he could perform.

The singer claimed he doesn’t care to “prove myself to people who were never rooting for me.” The dancer also vaguely addressed his behavior on the show, noting, “I am a human being, a real one. I’m not always nice, not always kind, nor have I ever claimed to be.”

Even so, he claimed he’s “glad” he chose to compete on the competition show. Todrick closed the lengthy statement by thanking his followers and promising to open up about his experience “in my own way and in my own time.” Big Brother is streaming on Paramount+.

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