‘Big Brother’ Star Tyler Crispen Will Not Return After ‘BB22’

Fan-favorite player Tyler Crispen returned for Big Brother 22 with the hope of taking home the title and cash prize. However, he placed sixth after his failed attempt to pull a big move during the triple eviction. Following the ending of BB22, Tyler announced he would not return for another season.

Houseguest Tyler Crispen on Big Brother
Houseguest Tyler Crispen on Big Brother | Sonja Flemming

Tyler Crispen almost won ‘Big Brother 20’

In 2018, Tyler Crispen first competed on Big Brother 20 and became the leader of the dominant Level Six Alliance. He proved himself a physical threat by winning three Head of Household and three Power of Veto competitions.

Tyler also used strategy and charm to convince the “other side” he was working with them and ultimately controlled multiple evictions when his group didn’t win power.

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Additionally, Tyler protected himself by creating final two deals with all of his Level Six allies and a couple of outsiders. Kaycee Clark followed through on her promise and took Tyler to the end, where her strong physical performance outweighed his strategic prowess, giving her the win in a 5-4 vote.

Despite not winning the game, the viewers voted him America’s Favorite Houseguest, which comes with a $25,000 prize.

Tyler Crispen returned for ‘Big Brother 22’

Many fans thought Tyler deserved the win, so he returned for Big Brother 22: All-Stars to prove his game and finally take home the title. Although he didn’t want to make multiple alliances again, Tyler quickly found himself in two six-person groups, The Committee and Slick Six, as well as a final two with Christmas Abbott.

He won HOH in Week 3 and took out the house’s target, Janelle Pierzina. The BB20 returnee snagged a Power of Veto a few weeks later but opted not to use it.

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During the triple eviction, Tyler and Christmas tried to pull a big move and evict Nicole Franzel, but it backfired on them, relegating them to the bottom.

However, he saved himself by winning the HOH and POV during the last part of the triple and successfully sent his target, Dani Briones, to the jury. Tyler ended up on the block the following week and failed to win POV, resulting in his eviction. The BB20 runner-up placed sixth.

Tyler Crispen says he will not return after ‘BB22’

Shortly after the season ended, Tyler took to his Instagram account to talk about his second experience. He noted he’s grateful to be considered “an all-star forever” and gave props to his allies Cody Calafiore and Enzo Palumbo for making it to the end. Tyler also thanked his fans for voting for America’s Favorite Player and congratulated Da’Vonne Rogers on her win.

The BB20 runner-up opened up about his recent experience and admitted he realized he’s not “cut out for it after all.” Tyler explained that it’s difficult to “be a good person and a good game player” while in the house and admitted he messed up sometimes.

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Even so, he’s still “proud” of himself for “always saying what I felt.” The BB20 star closed his message by revealing that he has chosen to retire.

While he didn’t win the show as he always dreamed, Tyler noted he’s a “real winner” because he found love with season 20 co-star Angela Rummans. Big Brother 23 returns in the summer of 2021.

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