‘Big Brother’: Former US and Canada Houseguests Will Face off in Pay-Per-View Boxing Event

Currently in its ninth season, Big Brother’s Canadian adaptation is widely viewed as superior to its predecessor. Therefore, fans have wanted former houseguests of both series to face off to determine the best BB player. Stars of the reality competition shows will battle, but not in the way fans hoped. Instead, they’re facing off against each other in a boxing ring for an upcoming pay-per-view event.

'Big Brother 20' stars Chris Williams, Haleigh Broucher, Faysal Shafaat, Rachel Swindler; bottom row: L-R: Brett Robinson, Angie Lantry, Kaycee Clark, Scottie Salton
‘Big Brother 20’ stars Chris Williams, Haleigh Broucher, Faysal Shafaat, Rachel Swindler; bottom row: L-R: Brett Robinson, Angie Lantry, Kaycee Clark, Scottie Salton | Sonja Flemming

‘Big Brother’ Canada an adaptation of ‘Big Brother’ US

In 2000, the American version of the Dutch reality series Big Brother premiered on CBS with television personality Julie Chen Moonves as the host.

For the competition, the houseguests live in a house fitted with several cameras and microphones that document their every movement and word for Live Feed subscribers to watch 24/7.

Every week, they compete for Head of Household, giving them the ability to nominate two houseguests and access to the most luxurious room in the house.

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The HOH, nominees, and three randomly selected houseguests then face off for the Power of Veto, which allows the winner to save someone from elimination or keep the selections the same.

Then, the players, excluding the HOH and the nominees, vote for who they want to go home. The final nine competitors typically make up the jury, who then choose the winner of the competition at the end.

Although the show was met with controversy due to the houseguests’ behavior, the success spurred a couple of spinoffs and a Canadian adaptation. 

‘Big Brother’ US and Canada houseguests will compete in upcoming boxing event

The Canada-based version debuted in 2013 with radio personality Arisa Cox as host. Although it’s played very similarly to its US predecessor, the series incorporates more twists.

Also, unlike the American version, the show has received mostly positive reviews, with many fans claiming the Canadian adaptation is superior. Therefore, viewers have wanted to watch their favorites from both series face off against each other to prove who’s the best BB player.

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This summer, fans will get their wish. However, instead of competing in challenges, they will face off in a boxing event that will air on Pay-Per-View.

In Feb. 2021, BBCan6 star Ryan Ballantine broke the news with a minute-long promotional video showcasing the former BB stars training for the upcoming fight night.

Natalie Negrotti and Peter Brown set to host

According to the card, BBCan6’s Veronica Doherty will face off against BB20 winner Kaycee Clark, BBCan2 champ Jon Pardy vs. BB20 star Fessy Shafaat, BBCan7 Adam Pike against BB19 winner Josh Martinez and BBCan6 star Hamza Hatoum will battle BB18’s Jozea Flores.

Additionally, BBCan8 houseguest Michael Stubley will go head-to-head with BB21’s Nick Maccarone, BBCan8 star Madeline Di Nunzio against BB20’s Angela “Rockstar” Lantry, and BB3 runner-up Godfrey Mangwiza vs. BB12 and BB22 star Enzo “Meow Meow” Palumbo.

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Peter Brown of BBCan1 and Natalie Negrotti of BB18 are set to host the event, with the BBCan5 champ Kevin Martin, BB15’s Nick Uhas, and Ballantine as play-by-play commentators.

Big Brother US stars including Jeremy McGuire (BB15), Zach Rance (BB16), Scottie Salton (BB20), and David Alexander (BB21, 22) as well as Alec Beall (BBCan1), Emmett Blois (BBCan1), Ashleigh Wood (BBCan3), Dillon Carman (BBCan5), and Mark Drelich (BBCan7) are also involved in the boxing event in some way. The fight night is scheduled for the summer of 2021.