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Broadway dancer Frankie Grande competed on Big Brother 16, where his memorable run was cut short before the finals. Nearly 10 years have passed; where is Frankie Grande now?

Frankie Grande dealt with drug addiction after ‘Big Brother 16’

In 2014, YouTuber and Broadway dancer Frankie Grande, 40, made his reality TV debut on Big Brother 16, where he hid his fame and identity as pop star Ariana Grande’s brother before memorably announcing it.

His decision to push the BB Rewind Twist button backfired, and Frankie was eliminated after an impressive run, placing fifth.

After his time on the show, the New York native served as a judge on the dancing competition series America’s Best Dance Crew (2015), co-hosted the Amazon shopping show Style Code Live (2016-17), and then competed on UK-based Celebrity Big Brother 18 (2016) where he finished sixth.

In 2019, he met his boyfriend, Hale Leon, at a line dancing club in Los Angeles and proposed six months later. In November of the same year, the reality TV star appeared on an E! True Hollywood Story episode where Frankie admitted he became addicted to drugs and alcohol after his 2014 Big Brother appearance due to the backlash he received. However, he became sober after a radical Islamist bombed his sister’s Manchester concert in May 2017.

Where is Frankie Grande after ‘Big Brother?’

For the first time in over a decade, Big Brother 22 (2020) entirely consisted of returning houseguests competing for another shot at the title.

According to Frankie, CBS contacted him about coming back, but the reality TV star declined due to COVID-19 spikes. The actor periodically reprised his role in Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger and released his own lash collection in October 2021.

Frankie married his fianceé in May 2022 after three years of dating and then returned to musicals in October 2022 with an appearance in Horror Camp. Additionally, he portrayed Victor Garber in a parody jukebox musical, Titanique.

In February 2023, Frankie announced he became a citizen of Italy, and he and his sister appeared in separate episodes of the drag competition show RuPaul’s Drag Race. Additionally, the reality TV star recently landed his first leading role in a feature film with the horror thriller Summoning Sylvia (2023). Frankie also frequently uploads content related to mental health and LGBT+ issues to his over 2 million Instagram followers.

Frankie placed fifth in ‘Big Brother 16’

Frankie kicked off Big Brother 16 in a great position when he won the first Head of Household competition and formed a solid working relationship with co-HOH Caleb Reynolds.

They created an eight-person alliance, the Bomb Squad, but disassembled it when Devin Shepherd’s paranoia began to ruin the group.


‘Big Brother’ Star Frankie Grande Opened up About His Addiction to Fame and Pills After Leaving the Series

Frankie then joined The Detonators with a few Bomb Squad defectors where their domination kept him safe.

However, in Week 11, the New York native ended his game by insisting they push the BB Rewind Twist button, which unknowingly voided his HOH and Power of Veto victories. The rest of the house took the opportunity to eliminate the competitive threat and unanimously evicted him in fifth place.