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Big Brother 23 runner-up Derek Frazier tried to expose houseguest Whitney Williams, resulting in her clapping back in a series of tweets. After their exchange, Whitney admitted it “hurt” her feelings that the other castmates have yet to defend her.

Whitney Williams and Derek Frazier posing for 'Big Brother 23' cast photo
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguests, Whitney Williams and Derek Frazier | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

Derek Frazier tried to expose Whitney Williams for being a hypocrite

During Celebrity Big Brother 3, many fans, including season 23’s Whitney Williams, called out Todrick Hall for “slut-shaming” Shanna Moakler.

As a result, Whitney claimed she almost canceled her upcoming trip to Los Angeles, where she planned to visit her former housemates as they were staying at Todrick’s house.

However, she decided to go, and BB23 runner-up Derek Frazier snapped a picture of her. He later posted it responding to Whitney’s tweet in which she wrote about Todrick’s comments, captioning it, “but you were at his house, girl.”

The Aces’ captain responded in several tweets, explaining she only showed up to celebrate Azah Awasum’s party and visit her former castmates. She went on to call Derek out for planning the picture after being friendly with her and then held on to it for several days before posting it. The runner-up reportedly engaged in a back-and-forth with Whitney but later deleted his tweets.

She called out ‘Big Brother 23’ castmates for not defending her; Derek later apologized

After the exchange, the 31-year-old took aim at the other houseguests in another Twitter thread. She admitted she feels “hurt” that none of her castmates have come to her defense.

Other than an “s—– joke” she acknowledged making in the house, Whitney pointed out she hasn’t “said a negative word about anyone.” Therefore, it hurt her feelings to see those she competed with making fun of her and posting “hurtful” comments about her on Twitter.

She claims she has “shown nothing but love” and has only called out “sexist actions” when she believes it’s deserved. “I understand not wanting to get involved, but I’ve felt completely isolated for the most part in and out of the house,” Whitney closed.

A few hours after her tweet, Derek apologized for taking and uploading the picture of his castmate without her permission. Additionally, he called his actions “hurtful and hypocritical,” as he previously claimed he thought specific issues should get handled offline. 

Whitney went home pre-jury; Derek F. finished runner-up of ‘Big Brother 23’

The Oregan-based make-up artist started BB23 off strong, winning the first competition that made her the captain of the Aces.

She selected Brent Champagne, Derek Xiao, and Hannah Chaddha to make her team but got involved with the doomed Slaughterhouse alliance that painted her as a target.


‘Celebrity Big Brother’: ‘Tone-Deaf’ Todrick Hall Returns to Social Media With Tour Dates

Unable to save herself with the Power of Veto, she went home during Christian Birkenberger’s Head of Household reign.

During her time on the show, many, including Derek, commented about how she dressed, similar to Todrick’s regarding Shanna’s choice in clothing. Derek F. became part of The Cookout, an alliance consisting of all the Black players, and made it to the final without winning a competition. Although he considered himself a mastermind in the game, others didn’t think he had much input, resulting in his unanimous loss to Xavier Prather.