‘Big Brother’: Whitney Williams Planned to Call the Guys out for ‘Misogynistic’ Comments During Finale

Many Big Brother 23 fans have accused some of the men of misogyny throughout their time on the show. Pre juror Whitney Williams planned to call them out virtually at the finale but couldn’t as she wasn’t asked any questions during the segment.

Whitney Williams poses for 'Big Brother 23' cast photo
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguest, Whitney Williams | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

Whitney Williams evicted pre-jury during ‘Big Brother 23’

Shortly after entering the house, Whitney Williams won the kickoff competition, receiving the opportunity to pick her team. She chose Brent Champagne, Derek Xiao, and Hannah Chaddha to complete the Aces.

On the first day, then Head of Household Brandon “Frenchie” French approached her and Tiffany Mitchell with the idea of working together as they were the only parents in the house. A couple of days later, she and Britni D’Angelo promised to protect each other using a pinky swear.

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Then, Frenchie included her in the biggest alliance of the season, Slaughterhouse, and they agreed to a final two pact. While it wasn’t confirmed, many Live Feed viewers suspected Whitney also had a deal for protection with Tiffany.

Attempting to guarantee his safety, Brent created two alliances with his Aces teammates; the Mafia involving the Queens’ and the Radicals with the Kings.’ However, everyone except Brent knew the alliances were fake as he was the next house target. Following his eviction, Whitney stood out as the least connected and went home perjury, finishing in 13th place.

She planned to call the guys out for misogynistic comments during the finale

After her exit, many fans believed the men, namely Kyland Young, Derek Frazier, and Xavier Prather, made misogynistic comments about the women in their alliance, The Cookout.

Before the last episode, Whitney asked her followers for “key points” she should mention when virtually appearing at the finale.

She noted the producers already asked what surprised her and named Azah Awasum targeting Hannah and Derek F. making it to the end without winning any competitions. Several fans replied, urging her to call out the guys for their misogynistic comments.

In another tweet, she encouraged her followers to respond with examples for her to back up the claims. Whitney didn’t get the chance to call anyone out during the finale as she wasn’t asked any questions.

Many fans accused the men of being misogynistic throughout ‘BB23’

Toward the beginning of the season, several viewers noticed the men in the Cookout alliance, Xavier, Kyland, and Derek F., seemingly blamed the women for problems they encountered in the games.

Additionally, Derek F. tended to call females the “b-word,” and many fans felt he “slut-shamed” Azah for her crush on Xavier. By the end of the competition, when it came down to determining who they would first cut from the alliance, several viewers didn’t like how the guys justified their positions.

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Many thought the women did more work as Tiffany implemented the plan for them to follow and accused the men of taking “credit” for it. They also felt the men “villainized” Tiffany by calling her “selfish” for making the same moves Kyland made during his HOH.

After the season, some of the Cookout men, namely Derek F., have acknowledged their remarks. Big Brother is streaming on Paramount+.