‘Big Brother’: Who Are the Houseguests Da’Vonne Rogers Shouted Out in Her Speech?

This season brought back some old school Big Brother players. But Da’Vonne Rogers made sure to shout out houseguests that came before her and say why they’re so important. These are the three women she mentioned and how they made history in the game.

Da’Vonne Rogers gave a moving speech on ‘Big Brother 22’

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Da’Vonne is the second person to make it into the jury house this season. She knew she was going home so she gave a passionate speech. Part of it gave a shout out to past players:

Cassandra Waldron was the first person to walk through those doors. She was a strong Black woman. Danielle Reyes sat in these two chairs iconic and legendary. She as well was a strong Black woman and almost won this game. The spinoff version Celebrity Big Brother, Tamar Braxton, another strong Black woman won this entire thing by an unanimous vote. I had the desire to join that list of women and be the first African-American to ever win this game.

Da’Vonne Rogers on ‘Big Brother’

She explained how she wanted to achieve this goal because it’s “discouraging” and “hurtful” to not see a face like hers in the list of winners. Da’Vonne also wanted to recognize people she didn’t mention for their efforts in the game.

Cassandra Waldon


Cassandra Waldon was the first Black woman to play Big Brother back in 2000. She kicked off the game by being the first person to enter the house.

Cassandra was from Maryland and worked as a United Nations Staff Member. She managed to make it to sixth place.

Cassandra continued to work for the United Stations and was in Rome, Italy. The former houseguest passed away in 2019 after sustaining injuries from a car accident at 56 years old, according to Deadline.

Danielle Reyes

Danielle Reyes, a contestant on 'Big Brother 3,'
Danielle Reyes, a contestant on ‘Big Brother 3,’ | Tony Esparza/CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

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Danielle Reyes was a houseguest on Big Brother 3. She had an alliance with Jason Guy, and they made it to the final three. She made it to the end with Lisa Donahue, who won 9-3.

This was controversial and many fans believed Danielle should have won. She gave her theory on why the jury didn’t vote for her to Entertainment Weekly.

“I believe during the final vote they forgot it wasn’t a game about ethics,” she said. “It should be about who played the game the best.” Danielle returned for Big Brother 7 and placed sixth that season.

Tamar Braxton

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Tamar Braxton is a singer, actor, and reality star. She has released five albums and has appeared on multiple reality shows.

She appeared on Tamar & Vince, Braxton Family Values, and Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life! Braxton also competed on Dancing with the Stars in 2015, but quit because of health problems.

She then competed on Celebrity Big Brother 2 in 2018. Braxton was the first person to enter the house that season and still won so she broke the curse. The singer is the second person ever to win unanimously after Dan Gheesling won in Big Brother 10.

It’s obviously Da’Vonne is inspired by all three women. Fans and alums of the game were happy to hear her speech.