‘Big Brother’ Winner Andy Herren Blasts Fellow Winner Nicole Franzel’s Critics

There have been some pretty polarizing Big Brother houseguests over the years. People either love them or hate them. This season on Big Brother 22, one of the most polarizing players is Nicole Franzel, who returned for Big Brother All-Stars after first appearing on season 16 and then coming back and winning season 18. Many fans have been critical of Franzel throughout the season, but Franzel appears to have a fellow winner on her side, Andy Herren.

Andy Herren from 'Big Brother'
Andy Herren on ‘Big Brother’. | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Herren, who finished first on Big Brother 15, recently sent a couple of messages to Franzel’s critics.

Nicole Franzel is on ‘Big Brother’ for the third time

Franzel first appeared on Big Brother in season 16. Her houseguests eventually evicted her in Week 7, but Franzel then won a jury battle back and returned to the game. However, Franzel later got evicted in Week 10 and finished in seventh place.

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Two years later, Franzel then returned to the Big Brother house, as she starred on Big Brother 18. “Starred” is the keyword as Franzel ended up going all the way to the final two in season 18, and was never in any real danger throughout the entire game. 

Franzel ultimately went up against Paul Abrahamian on finale night, and she came out on top by a 5-4 vote. The win made her the first woman to beat a man in the final two, according to TV Guide.

She has since returned for Big Brother 22 and has done pretty well, as she is currently in the final six and has clinched a spot in the final five.

She has been a polarizing person on ‘Big Brother 22’

Pretty much since the very beginning of the season, fans have either loved or hated Franzel.

Many didn’t like how she was at odds in the game with fan-favorite Janelle Pierzina, who has since tweeted about her after getting evicted earlier this season.

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One of her tweets referred to Franzel — who is engaged to former Big Brother houseguest Victor Arroyo — being jealous of Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans, who also met on Big Brother.

“Nicole is jealous of Tyler & Angela,” Pierzina tweeted. “I know this because last Spring, I started liking Angela’s pictures and this bothered Nicole. She straight up asked me why I wasn’t liking her IG pics and why I was liking Angela’s. It’s no surprise she is after Tyler for being popular.”

However, many have also been critical of Franzel’s gameplay.

While some fans have criticized her lack of competition wins this season, others don’t even think she deserved her win in season 18. This is because they think that she got a decent amount of protection in the game from her showmance, Corey Brooks, and because they liked Abrahamian’s gameplay better. There have also been fans to criticize her for the other showmance she had in season 16 with Hayden Voss.

Andy Herren blasts Nicole Franzel’s critics

For all of Franzel’s critics, there seem to be just as many fans who root for her. She has proven that she is good at the game as she has, in fact, won a season, and has made it very far in another.

Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren appears to be among the people on Franzel’s side.

“Calling Nicole sexist nicknames and slut-shaming her says so much more about the people doing it than it does about Nicole. It’s gross and lazy and not funny,” Herren recently tweeted, referring to the people who bring up Franzel’s multiple showmances on past seasons.

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Additionally, there was a recent video of Nicole explaining her game while on the Big Brother 22 live feeds that made its rounds on Twitter. In the video, she said that she only cares about achieving a certain outcome and would allow other players to take credit as long as the goal is met.

Herren then continued to back her up.

“If a man were saying this you’d all be losing your minds and praising him,” Herren tweeted. “THIS is what I’ve wanted from Nicole all season!!!! A self-aware, shrewd woman???? We love to see it!” 

He also added: “‘ShE hAs DoNe NoThInG’ Dr. Will [Kirby] and Dan [Gheesling] also notoriously ‘did nothing’ on their seasons as well!!!!!! Threw comps, never wanted overt power.”

Not all Big Brother fans might support Franzel, but she seems to have Herren in her corner. 

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