‘Big Brother’ Winner Jackson Michie Admitted to Prior Steroid Use in Recent Instagram Post

During Big Brother 21, Live Feed viewers frequently heard eventual winner Jackson Michie speak about prescription pills and steroid use. Following his time on the show, the champ didn’t acknowledge his comments until two years later, when he started opening up about his past and previous struggles on social media.

Jackson Michie on Big Brother 21
Jackson Michie on Big Brother 21 | Sonja Flemming/CBS/Getty Images

‘Big Brother 21’ winner Jackson Michie began posting more positive content

In June 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie and his girlfriend, runner-up Holly Allen, split.

The two dated for a year, lived with each other and adopted a dog together before ultimately deciding they were better off apart.

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A few months later, Michie launched a “Better By the Day Series” where he opened up about his previous dependence on prescription pills and cocaine. Additionally, the former winner began posting videos of his “act of kindness,” in which he filmed himself giving food to individuals who are homeless in his area.

When fans began accusing him of trying to clean up his image with the content, Michie insisted the videos were meant to inspire people.

He recently admitted to steroid use

During the first few weeks of Big Brother 21, Michie, his closest ally at the time, Jack Matthews, and a few others were hanging out at the pool.

Talking about working out, a cast member noted Michie would have “fun” getting back into shape after leaving the house. He agreed, stating, “especially when I start pumping the ‘tren’ in me,” and later clarified the abbreviation stood for the muscle growth steroid, trenbolone.

Additionally, Michie spoke about his prior dependence on Xanax, which included consuming up to five pills a day before entering the Big Brother house, claiming he needed them to sleep. He also claimed he quit cold turkey in the house.

Two years later, the BB champ confessed to the use in a July 4th Instagram post, noting he felt good to “be free of so many of my past toxic traits.” Michie continued to open about them, admitting he went through bulimia, cocaine, Xanax, and Adderall addiction. He also confessed to what viewers heard on the Live Feeds, noting he previously used steroids for a couple of years.

He has opened up about past prescription pills abuse

Following his time on the show, Michie didn’t acknowledge his comments regarding prescription pills until a Jan. 2021 TikTok video. He reported he had a stress-induced blood clot near his heart that he had surgically removed only a month before entering the Big Brother house.

The winner also revealed his previous drug addictions that he stopped taking shortly before the show, resulting in his recovery while competing before winning. Some fans didn’t like the video as they called it a “humblebrag,” believing he used his previous struggles as deflections for other questions about his character.

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BB21 co-star Jessica Milagros weighed in, noting she required proof from a doctor she didn’t need the pills to “move forward” in the casting house. Additionally, she claimed she needed a urine test and blood work to guarantee her spot in the house.

As a result, several fans thought producers gave Michie “special treatment” to help him get into the house and through his withdrawals. However, he claimed the casting director Robyn Kass didn’t know about his situation.