‘Big Brother’: Xavier Prather Says There Was ‘Deception’ From Producers in the Diary Room

The diary rooms on Big Brother are full of jokes and scheming. But does it also have deception? Xavier Prather revealed a shocking revelation he had after winning the competition.

A former ‘Big Brother’ houseguest claimed diary rooms are scripted

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Every reality show usually includes private interviews with cast members. But the diary rooms are unique because houseguests can reveal their full plan without fear of being overheard by other players. However, fans have a good reason to be suspicious of the segments.

Christine Varner from Big Brother 16 tweeted back in 2020 about how the diary rooms scenes are scripted. “My DR sessions were 100% production written by around week 5, I was getting so frustrated with them making me say stuff I didn’t believe in, or NOT how it happened, that production ended up calling me crabby christine,” she claimed.

“Like they made me say sentences VERBATIM. If I got one word off I had to start over. I would get pissed off obviously and not be as nice. I would be in there for hours at a time,” she added.

“ALSO they say things specifically for you to be suspicious to other people through questions. That’s how I knew Derrick [Levasseur] and Cody [Calafiore] were coming for me for a couple weeks. And how they feed info to favorites to make them look ‘brilliant’,” the former houseguest tweeted.

Xavier Prather says the ‘Big Brother 23’ cast was tricked by the producers

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Houseguests are interviewed to create those diary room scenes. Prather revealed to Entertainment Weekly how everything wasn’t like it seemed even in there.

“It’s pretty much the only place in the Big Brother house where you can 100 percent be your most authentic self,” the winner said. “It’s funny, my cast mates and I would discuss some of our favorite interviewers to chat with in the DR, only to find out they weren’t who we thought they were (they were using fake names when they spoke to us in the DR).”

He continued, “It’s like Catfish. We got to meet some of our DR interviewers after finale night only to find out Madea (who you thought you had this deep emotional connection with) is actually Mrs. Doubtfire in real life. Just goes to show there’s no end to the deception that goes on in the BB house!”

Finalists Derek Frazier and Xavier Prather sit on chairs outdoors for 'Big Brother 23' interview.
Finalists Derek Frazier and Xavier Prather from ‘Big Brother 23’ | Francis Specker/CBS via Getty Images

Prather didn’t reveal if he’s still close with any producers. But he said he keeps in touch with most of the season 23 cast.

Sadly, fans will probably never see any of the diary room producers for themselves. But it sounds like being a houseguest on Big Brother is full of surprises.

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