‘Big Sky’ Renewed for Season 3; 1 New Series Regular, 1 Cast Upgrade & Reba McEntire

ABC announced the renewal of Big Sky for Season 3 with the addition of two new series regulars and one special guest star — Reba McEntire. David E. Kelley created the crime thriller featuring Kylie Bunbury and Katheryn Winnick. He based the drama on The Highway series of books by C. J. Box. Although the Big Sky Season 1 began with Ryan Phillippe, his character died shockingly, like many others throughout the two seasons. 

'Big Sky' Season 2 cast members Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury standing together
‘Big Sky’: Katheryn Winnick as Jenny Hoyt and Kylie Bunbury as Cassie Dewell | ABC/John Britt

ABC renewed ‘Big Sky’ for season 3

On May 13, 2022, ABC announced the renewal of Big Sky for season 3 ahead of the season 2 finale on May 19. The series follows private investigator Cassie Dewell (Bunbury) and police officer Jenny Hoyt (Winnick) as they solve mysteries in Big Sky country in Montana. Although the series has an entirely different storyline than when it began, a few questions remain from Big Sky Season 1. For example — Who is John Milton?

‘Big Sky’ Season 3 cast adds Jensen Ackles and an upgrade for Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles joins the Big Sky Season 3 cast as the new Sheriff Beau Arlen. He becomes the temporary Sheriff in the Big Sky Season 2 finale at the request of Sheriff Tubb (Patrick Gallagher). Deadline reports that he is a “confident and charming good ol’ boy from Texas.” 

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In addition to the new cast regular, ABC upgraded Jamie-Lynn Sigler to a series regular. Her character, Tonya, was a local server at the diner when her boyfriend went missing. However, throughout season 2, she quickly became an asset to a new drug ring. 

Reba McEntire plays Sunny Brick in ‘Big Sky’ Season 3

In Big Sky Season 3, Reba McEntire becomes Sunny Brick, the mercurial matriarch of the Brick Family, a successful backcountry outfitter with a secret history of missing customers. Viewers might be wondering, “What is a backcountry outfitter?” 

Generally speaking, a backcountry outfitter provides special services for people looking to hunt or fish in the outdoors. The outfitter provides all the gear needed and guides the individuals in tracking down animals. However, it sounds like Sunny Brick also specializes in the disappearance of her clients.

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The Queen of Country is no stranger to the small screen. She starred in the television series, Reba, which aired for six seasons on The WB and then CW. More recently Reba appeared in several episodes of Young Sheldon on CBS as June.

‘Big Sky’ Season 3 cast returning

Other Big Sky Season 3 cast regulars include Dedee Pfeiffer as the Dewell & Hoyt receptionist Denise and Omar Metwally as Deputy U. S. Marshal Mark Lindor. Anja Savcic also returns as Scarlett Leyendecker in season 3. Although Brian Geraghty is listed as a series regular, his character, Ronald Pergman, died in Big Sky Season 2 Episode 12.

Janina Gavankar, Vinny Chhibber, Constance Zimmer, and Bernard White joined the Big Sky Season 2 cast as the Bhullar family. However, it’s not clear whether they will return for season 3.

'Big Sky' Zoe Baker and Anja Savcic sit together on a bed
‘Big Sky’: Zoe Baker as Phoebe and Anja Savcic as Scarlett | ABC/Anna Kooris

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Several cast members won’t return

Although John Carroll Lynch made a surprise return for Big Sky Season 2, it’s not likely he’ll return for season 3. In season 1, Lynch portrayed Rick Legarski, but his wife killed him. Then in season 2, he returned as Legarski’s twin brother, Wolfgang. However, Wolf died in season 2 episode 13.

Romy Rosemont won’t be back either. She portrayed Wolf’s wife, Agatha Legarski, in the Big Sky Season 2 cast. However, Scarlet killed Agatha with a syringe in episode 9, “Trust Issues,” after she attempted to murder Scarlet.

In the last few minutes of episode 13, Travis stabbed Bob with a steak knife to prove to Ren (Janina Gavankar) and Jag (Vinny Chhibber) that he’s not a cop. So, Alex Knight won’t return either.

Big Sky returns for the season 2 finale on May 19 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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