Billboard’s #1 Hot Country Song of 2019 Goes to This ‘The Voice’ Contestant From Season 6

The Voice often takes flack for its inability to create superstars; talented vocalists come on the show, compete, a winner takes it all (in theory), and then each contestant slowly fades into the background. While some former contestants boast modest followings and have a few hit numbers, Cassaddee Pope is no Jennifer Hudson, and Josh Kaufman is no Adam Lambert. In short, it may be the better talent competition show — in terms of coaching over judging and assisting over criticizing — but American Idol boasts more, as the title suggests, idols.

The Voice
‘The Voice’ coaches | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Over the years, The Voice continues to uncover talents who would otherwise go unacknowledged and, though the show has failed to produce Oscar-nominated singers and talk show hosts, some of the contestants go on to record some hit tunes that take the world by storm. One such contestant from season six boasts the rights to Billboards’ #1 Hot Country Song off of the Year-End Charts: Morgan Wallen.

A little bit about former ‘The Voice’ contestant Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen competed on season six of The Voice, taking guidance from Coach Adam Levine and Usher. A singer from Knoxville, Tennesse, he’s got a classic American country sound, and he is also a songwriter. 

Though Wallen did not win The Voice, he continues to see success as a singer/songwriter today. As we know, the winners of these shows don’t always wind up on top; sometimes, other contestants release songs that top the charts. As for Morgan Wallen, his song “Whiskey Glasses” was the #1 Hot Country song of 2019. 

Though Wallen intended to become a major league baseball player, a serious elbow injury led him to pursue his other passion — singing — and, thanks to that injury, we all get to enjoy his voice. 

“Whiskey Glasses” is one of his most well-known numbers, yet Wallen is also known for “Up Down,” which features Florida Georgia Line on the recording. As for “Whiskey Glasses,” it’s a pour your heart out by pouring another drink kind of number. 

Inside Morgan Wallen’s “Whiskey Glasses”

The song boasts classic country themes, which may be why it made it to the number one slot. In the song, Wallen wants the bartender to keep them coming, as he doesn’t want to think about the absence of the girl he loves. 

Morgan Wallen wants Whiskey to cure the heart, for he can’t do anything he used to love without his former girlfriend around. He can’t sing karaoke, he doesn’t want to imagine his life without her as she’s “probably making out on the couch with someone new right now.” The song may be a bit stereotypical and cliche, but it is relatable. The number is heartfelt and, in the end, that’s usually what keeps people on the replay button. 

If Morgan Wallen continues to pump out successful country tunes like “Whiskey Glasses,” he may just join the ranks of the few former contestants on The Voice who are grabbing more fans with each passing day.