Billie Lourd’s Pregnancy Was One Of This Year’s Best Kept Secrets

A big Rebel Alliance congratulations is in order – Princess Leia has a granddaughter! The late Carrie Fisher’s daughter, actor Billie Lourd, shocked fans this week  by announcing on Instagram that she and her fiancé have given birth to a baby boy! Although fans were surprised by the announcement given that nobody had any idea that she was even pregnant, everyone is delighted and happy for the new parents.

So who is Billie Lourd, exactly (besides being Fisher’s daughter, of course, which is a claim to fame in itself) and who did she have a baby with?

Billie Lourd smiling slightly in front of a pink and purple background
Billie Lourd | Michael Tran/Getty Images

What has Billie Lourd been in?

Billie Lourd is the daughter of late Star Wars actor Carrie Fisher and Bryan Lourd, a publicist. It’s clear that entertainment genes run in the family; the 28-year-old Lourd is an actor herself, and at such a young age has built up quite a resume. Most people recognize her for her starring roles in FX’s smash hit American Horror Story. She’s held multiple roles in the franchise, including Winter Anderson, Kai’s sister, and Mallory, a witch. She’s also starred in Fox’s popular horror/comedy series Scream Queens as Chanel #3.

On the big screen, Lourd starred in Booksmart, a coming-of-age comedy that allowed Lourd to proudly display her comedic acting skills. Of course, Lourd’s biggest role yet has been for the same franchise that made her mother such a star; yes, we’re talking about Star Wars. Lourd has held roles in two of the three “new” Star Wars movies, including The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. She plays a lieutenant in the Resistance, which is, of course, led by Leia, the character that her mother played. It’s so moving that Lourd and her mother got to share the Star Wars stage before Fisher’s untimely death.

Lourd’s romance with fiancé, Austen Rydell

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Lourd first met her current fiancé and fellow actor, Austen Rydell, in 2016, but they broke up just a short time later. That was the year that Lourd tragically lost both her mother and her grandmother (another famous actor, Debbie Reynolds) within just days of each other. Following these tragedies, Lourd briefly dated her Scream Queens co-star Taylor Lautner, who was very supportive while Lourd was grieving. Billie Lourd and Taylor Lautner split in 2017 and shortly after, her and Rydell rekindled their romance.

Earlier this year, Rydell announced on Instagram that he’d proposed to Lourd, and she’d said “yes” – well, kind of. “💍💍💍 She said YES!! (Actually she said ‘Duhhh’) But I guess that’s even better than yes?!? 💗🤪🎉🎰💥🍾,” he posted, along with a sweet series of photos of the couple. Nobody knew back in June that fans were in for another surprise just a few months later.

Lourd was actually pregnant at the time of her and Rydell’s engagement

Recently, just a few months after the couple announced their engagement, Lourd had another surprising Instagram announcement for fans: she had just given birth to a baby boy! This was a joyful shock for the world, as nobody had noticed a baby bump or had any idea that the star was pregnant.

“👑💙👑Introducing: 💙👑💙Kingston Fisher Lourd Rydell💙👑💙,” Lourd posted along with a photo of her newborn son’s adorable feet, wrapped up in a fuzzy blue blanket. It looks like the couple isn’t ready to share photos of their son’s face, but we’re sure fans are dying to see how much of his parents’ good-looking genes he’s inherited. Congratulations to the happy couple, and what an impressive job on keeping the pregnancy under wraps! Lourd and Rydell definitely win the award for the best-kept celebrity secret of the year.