‘BIP’: Kristina Schulman Just Told an Instagram Follower Her Relationship With Dean Unglert Was Bad Timing

It’s Peter Weber’s turn to attempt to find his future wife on The Bachelor, but fans of the series are still reeling over the events from Bachelor in Paradise. While love flourished in Paradise, so did heartbreak — and Kristina Schulman garnered a ton of attention.

When Schulman arrived in Paradise during her first season, she fell hard and fast for Dean Unglert. Unfortunately, their first time together in Mexico ended in heartbreak — and they came face to face once again on the beach during Season 6.

We know Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes are now together, but many fans still think about Schulman’s relationship with the laid-back star. And she just told an Instagram follower she chalks up their relationship’s end to bad timing.

Dean Unglert was in a love triangle that involved Kristina Schulman

Season 6 of BIP worked out way better for Unglert than his past season. Fans may remember when he was deeply involved with Schulman, and the two appeared to be head-over-heels for each other. Unfortunately, the presence of another woman seemed to threaten their bond. Danielle Lombard also took interest in Unglert. And when the two were caught kissing, it was a tough road to winning Schulman back.

Ultimately, Unglert had to make a choice between which relationship he wanted to pursue — and both Schulman and Lombard were getting sick of the back and forth. Schulman then opted to leave BIP altogether.

That’s not the end of the Schulman-Unglert saga, however. After the disastrous season, the two kept in touch and dated.

Unglert said he thought he was going to marry Schulman

Once Unglert and Schulman rekindled their romance after their first time together in Paradise, it appears they both had very strong feelings for each other. “Following [that season of] Paradise, for that following year, Dean and I tried still seeing each other. That was very insightful. I learned a lot from that relationship,” Schulman said on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast.

As for Unglert, the romantic connection was definitely real. But he also told the same podcast that he and Schulman were completely incompatible as individuals, and their relationship would never work.

“I was genuinely in love with her, it just is one of those things that didn’t work out,” Unglert said. “There were times where I was convinced that she was going to be my wife, we were going to have a future together, have kids, and all that kind of stuff and then as time progressed and things moved on, we began to, like, show each other sides of ourselves that we hadn’t seen ….”

Schulman told an Instagram follower what she thinks of the relationship now

Kristina Schulman attends GUESS Festival Prep Event at Lombardi House
Kristina Schulman attends GUESS Festival Prep Event at Lombardi House | Presley Ann/Stringer/Getty Images

A ton of time has passed since Unglert and Schulman dated, but it seems some fans are still curious as to where the exes stand. Schulman posted a video to her Instagram on Jan. 7 regarding her skincare routine, and a follower took to the comments to discuss Unglert.

“Not sure if this is a touchy subject for you and I apologize if so .. but You were the sweetest and genuine, i hate that your heart was broken by Dean. I was definitely rooting for you to be swept of your feet. Just Know I’m wishing you the best in life and love,” the Instagram follower said.

To that, Schulman responded, “this is so incredibly sweet of you to take the time and write it out. I hear you, thank you for your love and constant support. Everything has its timing, and that just wasn’t mine.”

The original commenter then wrote, “yes you’re absolutely right about timing, when it’s supposed to happen it does.”

We’re happy that Schulman isn’t throwing any punches Unglert’s way, though they may not completely agree about the reason they broke up in the first place. As for fans who hope for a reconciliation, it seems Unglert is still very happy with Miller-Keyes by his side!

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