‘Black Ink Crew’: Donna Lombardi Seemingly Sends Message to Co-Stars After Exit

Black Ink Crew shop owner Ceaser Emanuel cut ties with Donna Lombardi, calling her “too toxic” to remain in the group. Following the episode featuring her departure, the ousted reality star seemingly sent a message to her former co-stars.

Donna Marie Lombardi smiling at the 2019 BET Experience Celebrity Dodgeball Game
Donna Marie Lombardi attends the 2019 BET Experience Celebrity Dodgeball Game | Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Donna Lombardi’s apparent message to ‘Black Ink Crew’ co-stars following exit

When Black Ink Crew Season 9 returned following an eight-month hiatus, shop owner Ceaser Emanuel told Alex “the V-Slayer” Robinson that his fianceé Taylor “Donna Marie Lombardi” Pickney could not attend Black Ink events anymore or come to the stores.

When Alex initially told her, she got emotional and later admitted she felt “abandoned.”

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However, a couple of days after the episode aired, on Feb. 23, Donna took to her Instagram account to seemingly send a message to her former co-stars.

She posted four pictures, three of herself during a night out, and one meme of cartoon mushrooms hugging with the words, “choose those who choose you.” The former tattoo artist captioned it, “even ‘friend’ got ‘end’ at the end.” 

Ceaser Emanuel cut ties with Donna

During the conversation with Alex, the shop owner asked about the alleged domestic violence incident with Donna, but he retracted his claims.

The tattoo artist insisted he cut himself shaving and lied because he was upset with his fianceé at the time. However, Ceaser seemed not to believe him as he called Donna “too toxic” to keep around the group, pointing out her recent anti-Asian remarks that offended Young Bae and “liking” negative comments about her boss.

Therefore, the shop owner banned the longtime staff member from any upcoming event and the shops, believing Donna was “on a downward spiral.” When Alex shared the news with Donna, she broke down in tears, noting she has since gotten therapy and is on a better path.

In a confessional, the Ohio native admitted she felt “abandoned” by her co-stars and noted she thought they wanted her out of the family for a while. She then called her seven years on the franchise a “learning lesson” before seemingly exiting Black Ink Crew for good.

Donna and Alex are reportedly no longer together

In 2017, then-manager Melody Mitchell hired Alex as a new tattoo artist, and he and Donna hit it off. She ended up publicly cheating on her boyfriend Mo with him before they quickly got into a relationship.

The couple moved in with each other but as her relationship with Ceaser worsened, his improved when the Black Ink Crew star bailed him out of jail. However, Alex got roped into Ceaser’s drama with Donna, ultimately resulting in a physical altercation that left the tattoo artist with an injured back.

Even though their relationship got a little rocky as he seemed to blame her for the fight, the two worked it out, and he proposed in season 8 (2019). When the tattoo shops closed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Donna and Alex remained together and denounced the domestic violence dispute during a July 2021 Instagram Live.

However, six months later, in Jan. 2022, the couple reportedly called it quits. They no longer follow one another and have deleted or archived the pictures they previously had with each other off their Instagram accounts. Black Ink Crew airs Mondays on VH1.

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