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With the Fox/Disney merger now behind us, narrative prophecies concerning the introduction of the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) continue to run amok. Will Professor Xavier join Doctor Strange in helming The Illuminati? Will Psylocke come to play in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings? Could it be that the Adamantium-clawed Wolverine is already in talks for a return?

Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry former Wolverine and Storm
Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry arrive at the screening of ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’| Kevin Winter/Getty Images

And while introductions remain fascinating, they don’t always speak to long-term narrative progressions. What will happen once Wolverine is back on the silver screen under Disney’s umbrella? What will be the next step for mutant-kind once a new Magneto — possibly Denzel Washington, according to recent insider leaks – enters the scuffle slinging metal across the scenery?

Based on a few recent reports, the MCU may be planning to depart from Fox’s vision — bringing different mutants to the forefront, while stressing different narratives when diving into the stories of familiar faces. As for two such familiar faces — Storm and Wolverine — the MCU may look to delve into the comic book romance between the two paramount mutants. Recent reports suggest that the MCU is cementing the foundation for their love story.

The relevant Storm backstory may be coming in ‘Black Panther 2’

Recent insider reports from Marvel and DC Insider Mikey Sutton suggest that Marvel is currently eyeing Janelle Monáe to play Storm in Black Panther 2. While Marvel reportedly has a few different names on the list, Monáe sits at the top of the totem pole. 

Given that Ororo Munroe’s (Storm) relationship with T’Challa — their marriage and their eventual divorce — sets up her romance with Wolverine, the MCU may be emulating one comic book trajectory quite closely. 

As CBR notes, Wolverine and Jean Grey eventually turned their “decades of fighting side-by-side into something much, much more.” While Wolverine is the headmaster of the Jean Grey School, and Storm is taking a break from the X-Men, following the dissolution of her marriage to Black Panther, the two strike up a passionate romance. In the comics, their romance blossoms into true love…and then Wolverine dies. As for the last part, hopefully, the MCU tinkers with the narrative. 

Placing Wolverine with Storm would depart from the overdone love triangle with Jean Grey and Cyclops

Considering Ororo Munroe may be introduced in Black Panther 2, and the movie may initiate or plant the seeds for a relationship with T’Challa, the beginning of a long-gestating narrative arc may begin. Not to mention, Fox already did the whole Wolverine and Jean Grey thing.

Wolverine, Jean Grey, and Cyclops maintain a love triangle in the comics, and in Fox’s interpretation. Meaning, if the MCU goes down this path, it will feel like a rehashing. Kevin Feige, when he brings the mutants to his intricate world, will not reduce himself to mimicry.

Pairing Storm and Wolverine together – after the former suffers heartache — will create strong interpersonal dynamics (which the MCU thrives on), and allow fans who still remember all the original X-Men movies to see the mutants in a new, different, and exhilarating light.