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NBC’s The Voice introduced Blake Shelton to his wife, Gwen Stefani. Sparks flew when the couple first met, and now, they’re prepping for Christmas in Oklahoma on Shelton’s ranch. Stefani is a lot different than Shelton’s ex-wife, Miranda Lambert. And Shelton once joked that Lambert was so rich that she shouldn’t receive any Christmas gifts.

Blake Shelton said ex-wife Miranda Lambert was too ‘rich’ to receive Christmas gifts

Before Blake Shelton married Gwen Stefani, he tied the knot with fellow country superstar Miranda Lambert. Shelton and Lambert spent much time in Shelton’s home state of Oklahoma. And they shared what they love to do for Christmas, which included decorating their home and making delicious food. When it came to Christmas gifts, Shelton spared no expense. But he also teased Lambert about not needing to receive gifts from anyone, given her wealthy status.

“I don’t know if you realize, but Miranda Lambert is rich,” Shelton joked with E! News in 2012. “And I’m thinking, ‘What can I get her that she doesn’t already have?’ So, I’m thinking maybe a card. Or maybe I’ll make her something, draw her a picture or something like that. Because I don’t want to blow a bunch of my money on her when she already has a bunch of money she can blow on herself.”

‘The Voice’ coach once gave her a $20,000 gold necklace with pet charms

Blake Shelton with his arm around Miranda Lambert. They're smiling with dinner in front of them at a table
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert | Larry Busacca/WireImage

Blake Shelton Once Said He ‘Never Felt a Stronger Bond’ With Anyone Aside From Miranda Lambert

The Voice coach Blake Shelton loved joking about Miranda Lambert purchasing her own Christmas gifts. But when it came time to exchange presents, he had a gorgeous gift ready for his then-wife. And the gift also served as a tribute to her huge heart.

In 2012, Shelton designed a gold necklace that contained charms to represent Lambert’s many dogs she rescued. The necklace contained 20 charms, and each charm had an engraving of a dog’s name.

“It’s the most thoughtful gift,” a source told In Touch, according to Taste of Country. “He designed it for her and laughed; he hoped it wasn’t too heavy because she has so many pets.”

The gift certainly didn’t come cheap. Sources note the necklace cost Shelton $20,000, which is certainly a lot for a piece of jewelry. We don’t know what Lambert got Shelton for Christmas in 2012, but we hope he also loved it.

Blake Shelton says Gwen Stefani goes overboard with Christmas presents

Blake Shelton no longer spends Christmas with ex-wife Miranda Lambert, as he has Gwen Stefani and her boys to look forward to. According to Shelton, he and Stefani swear every year that they won’t purchase gifts for each other. But Stefani always goes overboard.

“We do the deal every year where it’s like, ‘Hey, listen, don’t get me anything. Just get the kids something. What do I need?'” Shelton said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. And then, sure enough, I’ll be sitting there on Christmas morning, and there’s a pile of crap that tall of gifts that she gets me, you know what I’m saying?”

Shelton’s willing to compete with Stefani’s giving nature. “I had to get on the phone this morning with this internet company because they thought there was credit card fraud because I kept going back to this website buying her more stuff,” the country star continued. “It’s probably stuff that she doesn’t even … but I just don’t like that feeling of, ‘Oh, here’s your earring.’ And then whatever the kids got her. I’m getting her a bunch of stuff. I don’t know that she’s gonna like any of it, but it’s gonna look good in the wrapping paper, you know what I’m saying?”

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