‘Bling Empire’ Season 3 Release Date Revealed

Netflix reality show Bling Empire has returned with season 3. It features the same cast with a couple of new faces, a returning cast member and promises drama. What is the release date for Bling Empire Season 3?

‘Bling Empire’ Season 3 trailer features Andrew Gray

Bling Empire Season 2 left off with Kelly Mi Li’s ex-boyfriend Andrew Gray arriving at Anna Shay’s house. While the season 3 trailer doesn’t include the ensuing conversation, it does feature the two showing up to a party with the others, surprising the group, namely Kelly.

Her relationship status is unclear because the trailer includes Kane Lim telling her about a profile on a dating app he made for her because he wants her to “get laid.”

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While the China-born film producer seemed shocked at the time, it appeared to work as a clip featured her hanging out with an unidentified male in a pool.

The trailer also promised viewers would catch up with friends Kevin Kreider and Kane, who had a falling out last season. They seemed to work their differences out with the help of a professional who encouraged them to “hug it out” afterward. 

When does ‘Bling Empire’ Season 3 drop on Netflix?

However, the South Korean-born model still isn’t seeing eye-to-eye with his former fling, Kim Lee. They didn’t end last season on good terms as she failed a lie detector test that proved she never wanted to get into a romantic relationship with him.

During the trailer for season 3, Kevin confronted Kim for claiming she wasn’t ready to date yet but arrived with another guy on her arm. She quipped back, “you’re not my type!”

Jaime Xie and Christine Chiu also seemingly got into it at one point when the fashion blogger called her out for lying. Season 3 also teases Kevin getting into a car accident and Christine’s husband, Dr. Gabriel Chiu, angrily yanking off his microphone pack.

Additionally, guest stars include Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause, who has worked with Kane on real estate ventures, and Devon Diep, introduced by Christine. Her connection is unclear, but Kim knows her as someone’s ex-girlfriend. Bling Empire Season 3 is available to watch on October 5 on Netflix.

Chèrie Chan and Jessey Lee are likely not returning for ‘Bling Empire’ Season 3

The first few episodes of Bling Empire Season 2 revolved around couple Chèrie Chan and Jessey Lee. Mutual acquaintance Leah Qin revealed to Jamie that he was married to Crystal Hoang, and they had two kids together.

She took the news to the rest of the group, who were surprised as they didn’t know about Jessey’s past and began questioning if their friends started dating and conceived their first child during his marriage. Kane planned to confront his friend about the situation at an Anna Shay event but opted not to after the host arrived with entertainer Paula Abdul.

He apparently tried to talk to Chèrie about it off-camera but she refused to address it. The couple didn’t appear in the rest of the episodes and later announced they were leaving the reality series to focus on their family. She has since denied rumors of cheating by posting a Brides.com article featuring their September 2021 wedding. In the interview, she recounts the two knew each other in college but didn’t interact until six months after his divorce.

However, his ex-wife Crystal called her out in a January 2016 Instagram comment where she claimed Chèrie, her friend at the time, tried to “hook up” with Jessey while they were married. Chèrie and Jessey weren’t featured in the trailer, and likely won’t appear in the new season. Bling Empire airs on October 5 on Netflix.

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