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From executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and creator/showrunner Randy Huggins, BMF  is one of the biggest shows on Starz network. The drama series follows Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory ( Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr.) and Terry “Southwest Tee” Flenory (Da’Vinchi). Set in the 1980s in Detroit, the show follows the rise of the brothers’ drug organization.

As is shown on BMF, the pair would become two of the biggest drug traffickers in the country. This is why Meech and Terry went to jail in real life.

Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr. as Meech and Da'Vinchi as Terry wearing chains and standing on a balcony in 'BMF'
Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr. as Meech and Da’Vinchi as Terry in ‘BMF’ | Starz

‘BMF’ is based on a true story

BMF is not a fictional organization. In fact, though Huggins changed some names, scenarios, and locations, but much of the series is based on truth.

I took some liberties, but everything there is based on a story,” Huggins told Urban Hollywood 411. “Obviously, you can’t have people’s names in there. Obviously, some of the places may have changed.”

Huggins further explained. “I don’t think there’s a character in there, that I hadn’t heard of,” he said. “I may have to take a creative liberty to make an art pop a little bit more. I may have to take a creative license to make a scene funnier than it may have been, but that’s just part of telling a story. This is not a documentary.”

This is why Meech and Terry went to jail

Since the 1980s, the Flenory brothers had built their business from the ground up, eventually expanding outside of Detroit and into different cities like Los Angeles and Atlanta. When they were arrested in 2005, the brothers were each worth $100 million.

The brothers had over 500 employees and made upward of $270 million annually in profit. The government charged them with money laundering and drug trafficking. They were both sentenced to 30 years in prison. 

Meech currently remains incarcerated. However, the brothers are both proud of the series and are involved as consultants. Meech’s son and Terry’s nephew, Demetrius Flenory Jr., portray Big Meech in the series.


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‘BMF’s Meech and Terry have been estranged for years

Well before their 2005 arrest and incarceration, the brothers had become estranged. They were both running different facets of BMF, and they no longer trusted one another. In fact, their respective lawyers initially tried to separate their cases from one another.

According to Creative Loafing, back in 2004, before their arrest, Terry was caught on tape discussing his strained relationship with his older brother. An incarcerated person called “Shep” asked him how Meech was doing.

“Losing his mind man,” Terry said on the wiretap. “We don’t even speak. He lost his mind. S— that crazy m——— running around over there. He mad at me. He letting them m——– put that s— in his head. He don’t even know why he is mad.”

Though Terry was released from prison in 2020, the pair have not fully reconciled.