Bo-Katan’s Line About Being ‘The Last’ Kryze in ‘The Mandalorian’ Has Some Fans Worried About Another ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Character

The Mandalorian established itself perfectly in the world of Star Wars because it set its story apart. Even though it was in this known galaxy that’s been around since the 1970s, it was a new type of story with new characters and a new vibe. A similar setting, but a novel concept. Throughout the season, of course, there were callbacks to the franchise as a whole, with the biggest being the Mandalorians, which have been around since the beginning of the franchise. 

And now, going into Season 2, more tie-ins are coming in hot. The most recent episode showed that even more, and it looks like bigger Easter eggs are on the horizon. With that said, one line from this last episode had some fans worrying about another Star Wars: The Clone Wars character. [Spoiler alert: Spoilers ahead for The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 3 “The Heiress”].

Bo-Katan made her live-action debut in this past week’s episode 

The Child and Mando in Episode 3, Season 2 of 'The Mandalorian'
The Child and Mando in Episode 3, Season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’ | Disney+ / Lucasfilm Ltd.

Mando, aka Din Djarin (played by Pedro Pascal), is dead-set on delivering The Child to the Jedi since he’s Force-sensitive. That became his mission at the end of last season, influencing his actions this season. And in “The Heiress,” Mando went to a coastal world to drop off Frog Lady to her husband and gain info from him about Mandalorians he said he saw there. 

He meets them, after being tricked and attacked by some Quarren, and Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) from Star Wars: The Clone Wars makes her live-action debut. After Moff Gideon held the Darksaber in the Season 1 finale, it seemed inevitable that fans would at least hear about her, since she was the last one to wield it in Star Wars Rebels, but seeing her was truly surreal. 

Mando helped Bo-Katan and her other two Nite Owls, partly against his will because he needed the info she had on the Jedi, but then also out of comradery at the end. 

While fans of the animated show knew who she was before she took her helmet off, fans of only The Mandalorian are meeting her for the first time. The series did a good job of explaining who she was and also setting straight how she’s still a Mandalorian but why she’s different than Mando’s version. 

However, she said she’s the ‘last of her line,’ which had fans asking about Korkie Kryze

But one major thing that The Clone Wars fans caught was her comment about being the last of her line, Clan Kryze. She lost her sister, Duchess Satine Kryze, in Season 5 of The Clone Wars when Maul killed her to hurt Obi-Wan Kenobi since he loved her. But Korkie Kryze also existed. If Bo-Katan is the last one left, where did he go?

Reddit, of course, had these questions and then some. One post was titled,  “Is he secret? Is he safe?” One user noted that the appearance of the Darksaber made them assume Bo-Katan was dead, but here she was. So maybe this was another device to make fans think Korkie’s gone, but he’ll show up one day too. They also noted that Korkie was Bo-Katan’s nephew. Maybe her “line” is only referring to any kids and her line of succession. So he could very well be alive, but wouldn’t count in that terminology. 

Another Reddit user simply stated that Korkie probably joined up with the Rebel Alliance — there’s no way he would have sided with the Empire post-Clone Wars nor stood back and did nothing — and was most likely killed. There’s also the possibility that, after Korkie tried to save Satine, Death Watch found him and his classmates and killed them. 

Most of these Reddit posts turn to the Obi-Wan Kenobi theory that Korkie is the love child of him and Duchess Satine. It’s a very solid headcanon that fans love and that, honestly, fits really well with the timeline. Satine and Kenobi spent a lot of time together before The Phantom Menace when she was a young Duchess and he was still a Padawan, when a civil war on Mandalore made the Jedi step in and offered her protection. But, again, this is a headcanon.

Basically, things don’t look great for Korkie

Bo-Katan and Ahsoka Tano during the Siege of Mandalore in Season 7 of 'The Clone Wars'
Bo-Katan and Ahsoka Tano during the Siege of Mandalore in Season 7 of ‘The Clone Wars’ | Disney+ / Lucasfilm Ltd.

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But still, Satine and Kenobi’s love story spanned five seasons of The Clone Wars. Even though Korkie is introduced as Satine’s nephew, we never meet his parents. We know he’s not Bo-Katan’s kid, but where is Satine and Bo-Katan’s other sibling? It’s a good fan theory, and when The Mandalorian inadvertently brought up Korkie, one user wrote, “It would be a shame if the kenobi line ended.”

Whether you believe this headcanon or not, things don’t look good for Korkie. He’s always been headstrong and ready to fight the good fight, even if he’s not going to win.

He was introduced in Season 3 and tried to take down a corruption plot as a teenager. Then in Season 5, he tried to rescue his Aunt (?) Satine with his classmates from Maul and a syndicate of crime kingpins. 

That’s the last we see of him, but with his attitude and gung-ho actions, he most likely either died shortly after at Death Watch’s hands or after joining the Rebel Alliance, as fans guessed. He was ready and willing to risk it all for the right cause for democracy and fairness in the world. If he is alive? He’s most likely a high-ranking spy somewhere, which would make sense why no one knows about him.