‘Bob Hearts Abishola’: Season 3, Episode 3 Recap

CBS’ hit TV comedy Bob Hearts Abishola continues to provide heartwarming laughter. The series is in its third season, and as seen last week, a big event occurred for the title couple. Bob Wheeler (Billy Gardell) and Abishola Adebambo (Folake Olowofoyeku) married in a vibrant Nigerian ceremony. So what’s next for the newlyweds following their nuptials?

'Bob Hearts Abishola' actor Billy Gardell in a grey suit, and Folake Olowofoyeku in blue scrubs and a grey cardigan in a scene from the CBS comedy.
Billy Gardell and Folake Olowofoyeku I Michael Yarish/CBS via Getty Images

‘Bob Hearts Abishola’ newlyweds spend night in their own beds

Episode 3 kicks off with Bob and Abishola returning from Nigeria. They’re in a cab on their way home, reminiscing about their wedding. Bob mentions Abishola’s father hugging him, and she jokes that’s more affection than he ever gave her.

With the newlyweds tired, they’re ready to get into bed. Bob comes up with a solution; they’ll spend the night in their old beds for old time’s sake. The next morning Olu and Tunde (Shola Adewusi and Barry Shabaka Henley) find Abishola in their kitchen. They worry the couple is already fighting, but Abishola assures them everything’s fine. Olu and Tunde tell their niece that they love her, but it’s time she moves out.

The couple adjusts to their new living arrangement

Abishola moves into Bob’s house and is welcomed by her mother-in-law Dottie Wheeler (Christine Ebersole). Yet, the warm moment is interrupted when Bob and Dottie bicker. Later Abishola and Bob go furniture shopping, and the couple disagrees over decorating.

Abishola wants to buy a Moroccan couch, which brings back fond memories. However, Bob has his eyes set on a leather massage sofa. Abishola wins the furniture debate and decorates the house to fit her style. Bob asks his employees Goodwin Olayiwola (Bayo Akinfemi) and Kofo Olanipekun (Anthony Okungbowa) to move the old furniture into the garage. Goodwin and Kofo are upset about not going to the wedding, and Bob invites them to the housewarming party.

Housewarming party is a dud

Bob and Abishola invite their family and friends for a party, which doesn’t go over well. As the guests mingle, all they can talk about is the horrible decor. Bob and his brother Douglas Wheeler (Matt Jones) sneak away to the garage to discuss Abishola’s decorating. Bob admits he’s not a fan of the furniture but wants Abishola to be happy because he loves her.

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Later the other guests converge in the garage, but Abishola breaks up their get-together. As the party-goers leave for the hot tub, Abishola and Bob chat. She says the party is a dud and blames herself. Bob says it’s his fault too, and one of the key rules of marriage is blaming the spouse. They discuss the furniture, and Bob says the only thing that matters is she loves it. Abishola says she wants to make one change by adding a TV, which has Bob saying, “I love you.”

The ending has, Bob takes Goodwin and Kofo to the furniture store. He wants to buy them the massaging leather sofa as a gift for looking after the warehouse in his absence. At first, the men refuse, but they change their minds when they sit on the couch.

Next week’s episode will be more chaotic for the couple. According to IMDB.com, the fourth episode is titled “Old Strokey,” and odds are it will center on Dottie. Viewers can see what trouble Dotties causes for the newlyweds on Oct. 11.