Bobby Brown Thinks He’s Partly Responsible for Mike Tyson’s Epic Loss to Buster Douglas — ‘We Basically Stayed Up All Night Partying’

Everyone has their own theory as to how Mike Tyson lost his heavyweight championship match with Buster Douglas. At the time, Tyson was undefeated and Douglas was a massive underdog. However, against everyone’s expectations, Douglas knocked out Tyson and claimed the title for himself. 

People have discussed for many years what caused Tyson to lose, but one of his friends has their own reason. Bobby Brown claimed that he played a role in Tyson losing because the two had a long night of partying right before the match. 

Bobby Brown feels responsible for Mike Tyson’s loss to Buster Douglas

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson | ABC via Getty Images

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During a recent interview with Vlad TV, it was revealed that Brown feels like he’s partly to blame for Tyson’s loss to Douglas. Tyson found the sentiment amusing but didn’t take it seriously. 

“Well, he should have told me to go train then, if he really cared about me losing a fight, being responsible,” Tyson said. 

Before things got too far, Tyson made it a point to give credit to Douglas. While many consider the historic loss to have been a fluke, Tyson acknowledged that Douglas trained hard and was more prepared for their fight. 

“Buster really trained hard, and I underestimated him, and what happened, happened,” Tyson said. “He fought a great fight and became champion. I’m trying to get him on my podcast, but he don’t wanna come on … I asked for him, he never came down.”

Mike Tyson and Bobby Brown partied hard the night before Buster Douglas match

Later in the interview, the host got specific about what happened the night before Tyson’s match with Douglas. He quoted Brown, who stated: “Mike Tyson and I were in Japan. We basically stayed up all night, partying with 12 Japanese girls.”

Listening intently, Tyson responded, “Bobby’s a good multiplier, but yes.” 

Bobby Brown told Mike Tyson to get some sleep before his fight

Even though the two were having a great time, Brown felt it was his responsibility to make sure Tyson got some rest before the fight. 

Reading on, the host quoted Brown again, stating: “I kept telling Mike you need to go to sleep … Get some sleep for the fight tomorrow.”

Clearly amused, Tyson said, “Why? So he could have all the girls. Right? I was getting some sleep so he could have them all.” Tyson then burst into laughter. 

Mike Tyson told Bobby Brown ‘I got this’

The host then added that Brown claimed Tyson wouldn’t listen to him. He quoted Brown once again, who’d said: “You told Bobby, ‘Listen, I’m not no ameteur, I know what I’m doing.’”

Tyson laughed again, confirming the claim. “Yeah, I did talk that slick s—”

The host continued, quoting Brown’s recollection of events: “[You said] ‘nobody can beat me, I got this. I go to bed when I gotta go to bed.’ … ‘He worries too much, you got this.’”

Mike Tyson struggled to deal with his loss to Buster Douglas

Even though Tyson had the time of his life the night before his bout with Douglas, it came back to haunt him. The next night, he lost to Douglas in one of the largest upsets in the history of boxing. Douglas would go on to claim the heavyweight championship, and the previously-undefeated Tyson’s career was never the same.