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Food Network chef Bobby Flay says that simple is best if you want to get your crowd pumped up for your Super Bowl party.

Here’s more on the Beat Bobby Flay star’s game day spread approach, as well as a few snack recipe ideas from Flay’s own playbook.

Food Network star Bobby Flay wears a light blue button-down shirt at a 2013 event.
Food Network star Bobby Flay | Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Bobby Flay on Super Bowl party food done right

Flay, who’s been with Food Network since the 1990s, told host Harry Smith (of what was then CBS’ The Early Show) that the best approach to throwing a game day party is to keep it simple.

“Here’s my feeling about Super Bowl food,” Flay said. “Don’t get fancy on it. OK, what’s Super Bowl? Well, there’s chili, and there’s chips and stuff like that, dips. But sandwiches and chicken wings have got to be part of your Super Bowl Sunday. You’ve got to hunker down in front of the TV and you’ve got to have the right kind of food.”

With that in mind, here are classic Bobby Flay party recipes that will make your Super Bowl gathering an absolute winner.

Bobby Flay’s Chicken Wings with Red Hot Honey Glaze and Blue Cheese-Celery Dipping Sauce

A whole cup of hot sauce goes into Flay’s popular chicken wings recipe, along with, of course, the chicken wings themselves, honey, butter, and red wine vinegar. The cooling blue cheese dipping sauce is made with mayonnaise, Greek yogurt, Worcestershire sauce, finely diced celery, blue cheese, and diced chives.

While the chef calls for grilling the wings, some reviewers opted for cooking them in the oven. As one noted, the results were “finger-licking good.”

Home cooks loved Flay’s easy-to-make recipe and, naturally, the kick these wings deliver.

One reviewer gave the wings a five-star rating, adding, “This is a sweet wing with a lingering hotness.”

Another fan praised Flay’s addition of celery in the dipping sauce: “The dip has surprising bits of celery that offer a cool burst of freshness in each bite. This is a fantastic balance with the creamy blue cheese crumbles.”

Get the full recipe and reviews on Food Network’s site.

Flay’s Sliders with Chipotle Mayonnaise

Sliders are always a hit at game day gatherings. Flay created a mayonnaise sauce that gives his sliders a distinctive zip from chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, as well as a squeeze of lime juice. Be sure not to skip it. It’s so good that some reviewers reported they make the chef’s chipotle mayo just because!

“I didn’t make the sliders, I made the chipotle mayonnaise and OMG it is delicious!!! I loved it soooo much, the lime juice gave it a little extra kick! Just great!!, one reviewer wrote.

Another added, “I made this recipe for a super bowl party and they were the hit of the party.”

Go to Food Network’s site for the full recipe.


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Flay’s Super Bowl menu isn’t complete without his Mini Open Faced Steak Sandwiches on Garlic Bread

The chef’s mini steak sandwiches earned praise from reviewers who called it “the best sandwich I’ve ever tasted,” and “Best steak sandwich ever. Hands down.” It’s no wonder: the recipe’s buttery garlic spread, Provolone cheese, and parsley oil make this one flavorful sandwich.

While Flay calls for the steak to be grilled, one home cook opted to pan-fry their steak with happy results: “I added the steak to the pan … and seasoned them, then cut them placed the strips on the cheesy bread – and man was it a hit! Everyone loved these!”

Find the recipe on Food Network’s website.