Bobby Flay’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Is Apparently ‘1 of the Greatest of All Time’

You can never have too many chocolate chip cookie recipes. And according to Food Network, one of the best recipes comes from none other than Bobby Flay. Find out what makes Bobby Flay’s cookie recipe so unique.

Food Network star Bobby Flay, who has a superb chocolate chip cookie recipe, in a chef's coat standing against a colorful background
Food Network star Bobby Flay | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Flay says desserts are his ‘classic weakness’

When it comes to the sweeter dishes, the Food Network star admits they aren’t his strong suit. He says in his latest cookbook, Beat Bobby Flay, that the “go-to” cuisines he’s most comfortable cooking “are Southwestern American, Mediterranean, and my most recent culinary passions, Spanish and Italian cuisines.”

His “classic weaknesses,” he continues, “are well documented: sweet dishes, desserts, or anything that has to be measured and includes butter, sugar, flour, and eggs, like pastries, cakes, and pies.”

On the popular Food Network program with the same name as his recent bestseller, he says he does “eke out a surprising victory here and there with desserts, but it’s usually because the pastry chef took it easy on me with their choice of dish or I wowed the judges with a coconut garnish or something unexpected like that.”

Although Flay claims baking is his Achilles’ heel in the kitchen, Food Network begs to differ. Its official account tweeted recently: “@Bflay’s recipe for Chocolate Chips Cookies is one of the greatest of ALL TIME!” Flay aptly titles his recipe Throwdown Chocolate Chip Cookies.

The recipe has the usual flour, salt, baking soda, unsalted butter, eggs, and vanilla. But it differs from most others, which usually call for semisweet chocolate chips and granulated sugar.

Flay’s chocolate chip cookie recipe truly makes chocolate the star. It features blocks of semisweet and milk chocolates chopped into chunks. So each bite of cookie is a heavenly mouthful of chocolate. In addition, Flay uses both granulated sugar as well as dark brown muscovado sugar.

The celebrity chef is staying put at Food Network

The New York Post reported that Flay recently signed a three-year contract with the cable channel after his future there was in question. Food Network President Courtney White said: “[Bobby Flay] captivates our audience with his incredible culinary skill, fierce competitive spirit, and his trademark ability to share a deep passion for food. 

“Bobby generously invites viewers into his culinary world, sharing his #WeCook philosophy and inspiring everyone in the kitchen. Continuing this creative relationship with such an extraordinary talent is the perfect way to usher in the holidays.”

The New York City-born Flay had been silent throughout negotiations with the network, even amid reports that he would be leaving Food Network after nearly three decades. However, he issued a statement in November saying, “Although these talks to renew took a little longer than expected, the important thing is that both sides are happy that we can now build on an already rock-solid foundation.”

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