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Comedian Pete Davidson enters the horror comedy sub-genre with Bodies Bodies Bodies. The cast had a wonderful time working with him but revealed how he acted differently than one may imagine. Bodies Bodies Bodies is all about subverting expectations, making this news about Davidson fit right in with what the trendy movie has to say.

Pete Davidson plays privileged David in ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’

'Bodies Bodies Bodies' Pete Davidson as David and Chase Sui Wonders as Emma. They're underwater wearing bathing suits with her hanging onto him on his back.
L-R: Pete Davidson as David and Chase Sui Wonders as Emma | A24 Films

Bodies Bodies Bodies takes place at David’s (Davidson) family’s remote mansion. He invites a group of friends over for a wild hurricane party, but Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) and her new girlfriend, Bee (Maria Bakalova), show up unexpectedly. The group indulges in excess over the course of the night, but an innocent party game ultimately turns sour.

Davidson plays a privileged young adult who constantly yearns for attention from his guests. However, Alice’s (Rachel Sennott) new boyfriend, Greg (Lee Pace), digs under his skin. He’s a bit older than the group but proves that he’s talented at nearly everything. As a result, David becomes increasingly agitated as he pits himself against his guest.

‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ cast reveals what working with Pete Davidson is really like

According to an interview with Pop Sugar, the Bodies Bodies Bodies had some unexpected things to say about Davidson. They revealed that he’s the complete opposite of his character in the movie, and is an absolute joy to work with.

“Pete’s a great time; he’s fun,” co-star Myha’la Harrold said. “Honestly, I think the most gratifying thing about working with Pete is you know this much about him from the media. He’s a funny guy, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he is also incredibly sensitive. He’s kind, he’s perceptive, he’s respectful, and he was truly a joy to work with.”

Stenberg added: “It’s kind of weird what the media does.” She called Davidson “sweet” and “super low-key,” who “likes the mystique” of keeping his private life private.

“[He] LOVES trap music with a passion,” Herrold recalled. “I remember one time I was FaceTiming him ’cause we were all going to go hang at his [house], and I couldn’t even hear what he was saying to me, the music was so bassy.”

Stenberg concurred: “I hung out at his house once, and literally I did not talk to this man because the music was so loud.”

The actor boosts the A24 movie’s profile


‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ Movie Review: A24 Has Its Finger on the Pulse of Gen Z

Bodies Bodies Bodies is a big winner for A24 Films, with Davidson acting as another boost with younger audiences. The movie combines elements of Mean Girls, Lord of the Flies, and Clue into a horror comedy that targets generation Z.

Davidson is closely associated with comedy thanks to his time on Saturday Night Live and in the hit comedy The King of Staten Island. However, Bodies Bodies Bodies provides him with a unique opportunity. He gets to take that improvisation comedy into a horror movie that still allows him to work his magic. It’s clear that his fellow cast members respect him.