Body Language Expert Analyzes Johnny Depp’s Reaction During Amber Heard’s Testimony at Defamation Trial

A body language expert analyzed some of Johnny Depp’s reactions during Amber Heard’s trial testimony and found his facial expressions were revealing. Depp was seen looking down or writing while Heard was on the stand, which the expert said shows his lack of respect for Heard.

Johnny Depp sits during Amber Heard's testimony during a defamation trial
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp during defamation trial | JIM LO SCALZO/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Johnny Depp’s body language during Amber Heard’s trial testimony was revealing, according to expert

Heard shared details of the alleged abuse she endured in her relationship and, while she spoke, Depp looked down, never looking at his ex-wife. Body language expert Janine Driver shared how Depp exhibited facial expressions and gestures that gave a glimpse into what he was feeling.

During an interview with HLN TV, Driver analyzed some clips from Heard’s testimony. Depp looked down while she described an alleged fight with the actor.

“I like to say, from the forehead to the nose, emotion flows,” Driver said. “So we see that wrinkling in Johnny Depp’s forehead, the sudden furrowing, is confusion. It’s disagreement. It’s ‘I’m not happy to hear what she is saying here.'”

Driver also noted how Depp was seen turning his head to the side. “This is like he’s trying to make sense of what she’s saying. It doesn’t make sense.”

She continued, “Him looking down, in general, throughout the whole entire time Amber’s on the stand, this is something different. This is ‘I have no respect for the person who’s talking so I’m not even gonna look at them.’”

Expert analyzed Amber Heard’s body language during Johnny Depp trial

Driver shared some thoughts on the way Heard looked at the jury while she was on the stand. The interviewer wondered if this helped the actor connect with the jury, asking, “Is that a good thing to do or is that going to possibly make them uncomfortable?”

The expert explained, “We have what are called mirror neurons. You yawn, I yawn. Right? We want to be more like the people we are with. It happens all the time.”

She continued, “However, I think this falls short for her. I don’t think they’re going to find her believable because she’s not.”

Driver added, “She is lying through her teeth, in my expert opinion. And I train law enforcement, from the FBI to the CIA to clandestine spies. Her language is off. She does start-stop sentences. Her facial expressions are off.”

The expert pointed to Heard’s hand gestures during her testimony “when she talked about Johnny with all the blood written all over the lamps and all over the walls … she uses these illustrators.”

Driver added, “Yet when she talks about being attacked or dragged or slapped — no hand gestures.”

Expert revealed ‘the problem with Amber in her testimony’

Driver also discussed the testimony during a May 4 interview with Court TV. “The problem with Amber in her testimony is that she does all these start-stop sentences,” she explained. “This is congruent with someone who is being deceptive.”

The expert pointed out how Heard dropped the pronoun “he” and simply said “slapped me,” which is another sign of deception. She also sometimes used past tense and other times current tense. “When people are making up a story, they’ll talk in current tense,” Driver noted.

“Her current tense to past tense is indicative of someone who’s making up a story in the spot,” she added. “I think parts of it are true and many of it is deceptive.”

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