Body Language Expert Points Out Prince William and Kate Middleton’s ‘Rare and Rather Sexy PDA’ at Boston Celtics Game

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s body language during the Boston Celtics basketball game on Nov. 30 showed some signs of “rare and rather sexy PDA,” one expert says. Their subtle gestures also showed “unity” and “support” as they received both cheers and boos at the game, the body language expert points out.

Prince William and Kate Middleton body language at a Boston Celtics NBA game in Boston
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Winslow Townson/Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton attended the Boston Celtics game during their US visit

During their brief visit to the US, Prince William and Kate sat courtside at the Boston Celtics game. Kate wore a blue blazer and black pants while William sported a blue button-down shirt and dark blazer.

The couple received welcoming cheers at the game but there was also booing in the crowd when they appeared on the Jumbotron.

Chris Ship, royal editor for ITV News, attended the game and tweeted: “So both times William and Kate appeared on the @tdgarden big screen there were cheers but also some boos. Along with chants of “USA, USA”. Some say it was expected at the Boston team @celtics with such strong Irish roots. But, still, not something the royals get very often.”

Prince William and Kate Middeton showed ‘rare and rather sexy PDA,’ body language expert says

Body language expert Judi James shared her analysis of William and Kate’s gestures during the game, telling Express how the couple were affectionate and engaged in PDA.

“William and Kate’s visit to Boston has got off to such a controversial start that it is possible this very rare and rather sexy PDA from the couple might have been prompted by a need to signal support, affection and unity,” James explained.

“Both William and Kate had the best role model in the late queen when it came to stoic responses and body language in public, but William has shown before how the strength of his feelings on subjects like this can spill out,” she continued.

James added, “So a very affectionate hand on the thigh from Kate looks met with an unusual level of reciprocated affection from William by placing his own hand over hers and clutching at it as he chats to their host.”


Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Subtle Body Language Clues at Recent Engagement Show They’re ‘On the Same Page,’ Expert Says

Prince William showed a ‘bashful and funnier side’ at the game, expert says

The expert also shared how Kate displayed body language that showed “support” and allowed William to “show off” a more relaxed side of himself.

“Kate’s body language behavior has probably never been as important and her powerful but often subtle signals of support for her husband since they arrived in the US help to show off his soften, more bashful and funnier side,” James explained.

“She’s already been seen gazing at him as he talks to flatter him and make him look fascinating and her loving eye contact with him adds a touch of romance,” the expert added.

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