Body Language Expert Says Camilla Parker Bowles Wasn’t Totally Comfortable and Had ‘Mixed Feelings’ When Kate Middleton Photographed Her

As many royal fans know Kate Middleton is an avid photographer. The Duchess of Cambridge has taken several pictures of her family over the years and recently Camilla Parker Bowles requested that her stepdaughter-in-law photograph her for a special project. However, a leading body language expert believes that even though the Duchess of Cornwall wanted Kate behind the camera for the project she still had some “mixed feelings” and her own “inhibitions” about the photoshoot.

Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles, who a body language expert says had mixed feelings about being photographed, walk the red carpet at the 'No Time To Die' world premiere
Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Middleton walk the red carpet at the ‘No Time To Die’ world premiere | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kate photographed Camilla for magazine cover

Camilla turned 75 on July 17, 2022, and in honor of her milestone birthday, she guest-edited a special commemorative edition of Country Life Magazine. She also appeared on the cover in a photo shot by Kate.

The cover image features Camilla in a light blue dress with a matching cardigan sitting on a bench outside her home in Wiltshire, Raymill.

Kate snapped another photo featured inside the magazine of her stepmother-in-law walking through a garden of forget-me-nots.

Body language expert says Camilla had ‘mixed feelings’ and ‘inhibitions’ about photoshoot

Body language expert Judi James believes that Camilla has never been a big fan of having her photo taken and even with Kate behind the lens she wasn’t able to get fully comfortable and let go of her “inhibitions.”

James analyzed Camilla’s portrait and told Woman and Home that the Duchess of Cornwall’s “affectionate eye expression” shows she’s a “little bashful here rather than being put completely at her ease. Her mouth smile is asymmetric with some suppression of the lips suggesting mixed feelings and an inability to shake off some of her usual inhibitions about being in front of the camera.”

James added: “Kate’s photo is lovely but there’s no suggestion that her presence has added any huge new layer of fun and relaxation to Camilla’s body language.” The expert also noted that Prince Charles’ wife relied on props and showed her “non-assertive persona as someone who was more comfortable in a garden than a throne.”

She explained: “Everything about this photograph suggests Camilla is pushing a non-threatening, non-assertive persona that borders on the submissive. The pose itself defines someone kind and warm who prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Sitting on a rustic bench, Camilla has placed the basket of flowers between herself and the camera as what looks like a barrier and attempt to deflect attention. Her body pose is casual rather than upright in a way that might hint at her future role of queen and the way she places her hands on the basket suggests she’s grateful to have something to do with them as a prop.

“The pale blue floral dress and cardigan are whimsical rather than regal and she looks like a woman happier to be out helping her husband with his famous gardens than sitting on a throne.”

Camilla praised Kate’s photography skills

During an ITV documentary on rural life, the Duchess of Cornwall talked about the country being such a relaxed setting and praised Kate’s skills behind the camera.

“She did very good pictures, and she does it sort of naturally,” Camilla said of her stepdaughter-in-law. “We had a lot of fun doing it. It was very relaxed and, of course, very kind of the Duchess of Cambridge. She came with her camera and she’s an extremely good photographer. And it was all very casual. There wasn’t much hair and make-up. It was just done in the garden with a lot of laughs. It was a lovely way of doing it.”

Camilla did admit something that James touched on about not being entirely comfortable when it comes to photos of herself saying: “If I can get over the fact I’m looking at myself, I think that the [pictures] are very nice and I think they’re just what’s needed for Country Life.”

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