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According to a prominent body language expert, Prince William and Kate Middleton seized an opportunity to show off their “power” to the public.

He might have been swearing at Wimbledon during the match. But the day seemed to go well for the royal couple overall. What did that analyst notice about their attire that he believes speaks to “power” and a secure connection? And what other meaning could have been behind Middleton’s choice in dresses?

Prince William and Kate Middleton showed their 'power' at Wimbledon in 2022
Kate Middleton and Prince William | Visionhaus/Getty Images

Prince William wore his ‘trademark suit,’ and Kate Middleton wore her ‘power colors’ to Wimbledon

When Prince William and Middleton stepped out for the famous tennis tournament, they didn’t shy away from attention. One body language expert, Darren Stanton, broke down the significance of what they wore on their royal outing.

He noted that on some occasions Middleton “makes sure to keep her outfit choices neutral … to divert attention to where it is more appropriately suited.”

But Stanton said her Wimbledon attire seemed to be an example of “when she is happy for the attention to be focused on herself and William” (per Marie Claire.) According to him, she’ll “opt for one of her power colors” when she doesn’t mind being the center of attention.

Stanton noted she “opted for a striking blue dress” with white polka dots. She “again, [rang] true to her power colors, red and blue, that she tends to adopt for a certain type of events.”

Prince William, meanwhile, was “sporting his trademark suit.”

Kate Middleton’s polka-dot ‘power’ dress from Wimbledon date with Prince William was a rewear

Middleton may have chosen her attire partly for “power colors,” but there seems to be more. First, the polka-dot dress is a repeat outfit, something she’s fond of doing. And the event’s theme this year was sustainability. So, her choice of clothing might have been a nod to that.

PEOPLE noted how she “accessorized her outfit with a few more recycled items from her royal closet, including her Finlay Henrietta sunglasses, recently worn on tour in the Bahamas, and her Mulberry Amberley bag in white, which she has used numerous times before.”

High-dollar fashion doesn’t seem to be Middleton’s first choice every time. She’s appeared in several looks that cost less than $100.

Prince William and Kate Middleton show ‘power’ as a royal couple, but also as individuals


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Whether Middleton was focused on sustainability, “power colors,” or both, her look exhibited the royal poise she and her husband have gained through the years. According to Stanton, whether together or apart, the couple displays incredible levels of confidence.

And he said it speaks to their connection, serving as a kind of public display of affection between them. “[Kate] and William are a pair that appear so connected on a deeper level that they don’t need to be showing continuous signs of reciprocal liking — like tactile-ness or prolonged eye contact — during public outings to prove they have a deep connection,” he told Marie Claire.

He added their deep connection is also a “testament to why Kate and William have the confidence to attend events as individuals as much as they do as a couple.”