Body Language Expert Says Queen Camilla Uses ‘Pacing’ Gesture In New Photo With Other Royals: She Has ‘Inner Anxiety’

Camilla Parker Bowles, Queen Rania of Jordan, and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark met for tea at Clarence House. A body language expert analyzed their meeting and noticed what appears to be signs of anxiety displayed by Queen Camilla.

Queen Camilla’s tea with Queen Rania and Crown Princess Mary

Camilla Parker Bowles, Queen Consort, smiles while wearing a royal blue velvet outfit.
Camilla Parker Bowles | Eddie Mulholland – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Camilla’s tea meeting was part of a campaign hosted by UN Women titled “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.” The campaign will run until Human Rights Day on December 10. This is a cause Camilla has focused on in the past. She has been actively fighting to put a stop to sexual violence against women.  

In a new photograph, Camilla is seen posing with Queen Rania and Crown Princess Mary on either side of her. Body language expert Judi James analyzed the photo for Express. She says Camilla is standing in what she calls a “power pose.”

“As host of this gathering, Camilla appears to have uncharacteristically adopted something of a political ‘Power Pose’, standing with her feet splayed apart in what would normally be seen as a gesture of dominance and confidence in the middle of the trio.”

Although Camilla has taken on a powerful pose, James says the queen seems anxious and shows signs that she wants to get the picture over with. She wants to be a good host, but she seems uncomfortable, according to the body language expert.

“Camilla’s pose might not be quite as powerful as it seems here though,” adds James. “Her rather kindly smile suggests a maternal approach to the two younger women. But the tension in her shoulders and in her hands suggests her usual levels of inner anxiety at being in the spotlight.”

Queen Camilla displayed a ‘pacing’ gesture says body language expert


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Camilla used a powerful pose, but there are hints in her body language that seem to indicate she’s feeling a desire to exit the situation, according to James. “Even that ‘power splay’ of the feet could be misleading,” James tells Express. “One foot is placed slightly ahead of the other, hinting that this might be a pacing gesture that suggests Camilla is keen to get the formal photos over and get on with the meeting.”

Angela Levin says Queen Camilla is ‘reluctant’ to be in the spotlight

One reason Camilla might have looked anxious and ready to get the photo done is that she isn’t a big fan of the spotlight. According to biographer Angela Levin, Camilla sometimes walks behind King Charles so that she can offer support to her husband and make sure the attention is on him. In her book Camilla: From Outcast to Queen Consort, Levin says this behavior sometimes makes Camilla look “withdrawn,” but it’s her way of being supportive.

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