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Prince William displayed a small gesture toward Meghan Markle when they came together with Prince Harry and Kate Middleton for a walkabout at Windsor Castle. A body language expert pointed out how William’s gesture conveyed a message of inclusion.

Prince William and Kate Middleton body language business like and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle touchy-feely during Windsor Castle appearance
Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle | Kirsty O’Connor – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince William extended a kind gesture to Meghan Markle during walkabout appearance

Prince William’s moment of kindness was spotted when he and Kate joined with Harry and Meghan as they looked at floral tributes following Queen Elizabeth’s death. The foursome also spoke with people in the crowd who were mourning the queen.

Body language expert Judi James pointed out the kind gesture that William extended to Meghan in a moment when she appeared “cautious.”

James told the Mirror, “There were moments of communication between the four and it was obvious that this was William’s decision and instigation. He led the choreography and he was the one to hold out an arm to gesture Meghan to join the group and be introduced to their host.”

She continued, “Meghan and Harry used some mutual signals of reassurance and support. Harry placed an arm around Meghan’s back and rubbed it with his thumb and Meghan returned the gesture when they chatted to the crowds.”

James added, “Both looked a little cautious about those crowds and it was unusual to see Meghan instigating a handshake by sticking her hand out first rather than responding to hands already offered.”

Expert analyzed ‘scale of bonding’ among the foursome

James shared how Prince Harry became “more comfortable and relaxed as he heard the love from the fans” and he smiled and spoke to the people as well as “reached into the crowds to touch hands.”

The body language expert said there wasn’t a lot of affection between the foursome, however. “There were no add-on tie signs between the two couples to suggest anything fonder or more affectionate had been achieved behind the scenes,” she said. “Eye contact was minimal and chatting reserved to a very few words.”

She added, “On a scale of bonding it was just above the level of perma-frost we saw at the Commonwealth day service in 2020 but no higher than the chats between the brothers at both Prince Philip’s funeral and the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue.”


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Meghan Markle displayed a sympathetic and caring gesture during the appearance

James also discussed a gesture Meghan displayed that showed her support of William and Kate. “Meghan and Harry are holding hands as usual and Meghan’s hand clasp and the touches on Harry’s back suggest she is being supportive,” she told The Sun. “Her support might not just be for her husband though.”

James explained, “When she turns her head in William and Kate’s direction here, and to William in particular, her facial expression suggests a display of sympathy for her brother-in-law as well as her husband.”

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