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A small gesture that Prince William extended to Prince Harry at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral may signal that they are healing their fractured relationship, one body language expert says. William appeared to include Harry during a moment his brother seemed excluded from a group of royal family members.

Prince Harry and Prince William body language at Queen Elizabeth funeral waiting to join procession
Prince Harry and Prince William | GLYN KIRK/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Prince William’s gesture to Prince Harry is potentially revealing, body language expert says

William made a small gesture to Harry that may indicate their relationship is improving, body language expert Judi James tells the Mirror.

As a small group of royal family members gathered before joining the procession behind the queen’s coffin in Windsor Castle, Prince Harry seemed separated from the others.

King Charles, Princess Anne, Peter Phillips, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, and William were spotted together with Harry slightly apart from that grouping and another group that included the Earl of Snowdon, Sir Timothy Laurence, and the Duke of Gloucester.

James noted that Harry was “physically excluded” but William looked in his brother’s direction.

“Harry looks physically excluded or sidelined in this grouping with some royals gathering around Charles while the others stand with the Earl of Snowdon, almost with their backs turned to Harry,” James explained.

“The one moment we have not seen during this visit, despite Charles’ warm words during his speech, is any form of physical meeting between Harry and his father Charles,” she continued.

“All the attention has been on Harry and William but they have performed a couple of forced-looking chatting rituals in the past, and in the Oprah interview it seemed to be his father that received all the really negative body language responses from Harry, rather than William,” the body language expert said.

William showed kindness to Harry in the moment

James further noted how William and Harry looked at one another in the moment. “William does seem to have hung back slightly here, which could hopefully be prompted by empathy and the brothers might just be looking in each others’ direction and even speaking, even if their body language is not mirrored as usual,” she said.

James said the interaction could be a glimmer of hope for William and Harry’s relationship improving.

“Hopefully these images outside do signal a breakthrough in terms of the sibling relationship and once the funeral is over and there is no risk of dragging sibling soap operas into the spotlight there might be one last sign of some sort of a reunion,” the expert noted.


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Expert points out moment Prince Harry showed ‘sadness and possible regret’

James also provided an analysis of Prince Harry showing a bit of regret in a glance he gave to William.

“During the service he was dabbing tears as well as tending to look around a lot and there were at least two occasions when his gaze that was more of a stare appeared directed at William,” James told The Sun.

“His expression suggested sadness and possible regret,” she explained.

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