‘Bodyguard’ Season 2: Everything to Know From Release Date to Cast, Plot

With so many delays and cancellations in the TV world over the past year, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest updates. COVID-19 caused some projects to be delayed so many times that they ended up getting canceled entirely. Sometimes actors moved on to other projects, and sometimes the story just didn’t fit with the times after all our cultural changes. Idris Elba’s planned series Turn it Up Charlito was a victim of cancellation as was Season 2 of Netflix’s controversial series Messiah

One show that has fans wondering about the future is Bodyguard. The first season aired three years ago, so it certainly would be a delightful surprise to see a second season come after all this time, but fans have reason to be optimistic. 

‘Bodyguard’ first aired on the BBC

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Originally premiering in 2018, Bodyguard ran on the BBC. It featured Richard Madden as David Budd, a fictional character whose backstory has left him a heroic war veteran with a troubled state of mind.

After his service, he turns to work for London’s Metropolitan Police Service, and he gets assigned to serve as the bodyguard for Home Secretary Julia Montague (played by Keeley Hawes). His personal politics clash with his client’s in the most glaring ways, and he’s torn between his beliefs and his responsibilities to the job. 

Season 1 played out over six episodes, and it garnered support from critics and audiences alike. In fact, the series enjoys an impressive 93% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes as critics call it “engaging” and “magnificent.” Even those who found it “far-fetched” admit that it’s gripping and keeps them glued to the screen. 

‘Bodyguard’ was picked up by Netflix

Richard Madden attends the "1917" World Premiere and Royal Performance at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on December 04, 2019 in London, England.
Richard Madden | Samir Hussein/WireImage

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Like many popular BBC series, Bodyguard eventually made its way to Netflix, opening up the thrilling political drama to an even broader audience. By this point, those six episodes aren’t enough to keep fans happy, and the series certainly left itself open to the possibility of more. 

Rumors about a Season 2 have swirled for months, but concern over Richard Madden’s availability left some skepticism. Since the series wrapped up, Madden’s filmography has included a role in Rocketman, a part in 1917, the lead in the TV series From Now, and a film and two miniseries in production. Fans were concerned that Madden’s return would be difficult to get with such a busy schedule. 

Season 2 of ‘Bodyguard’ may still be on the way

There’s good news for fans who have been waiting for more Bodyguard.

As Radio Times reports, creator Jed Mercurio is confident about a return, saying, “Bodyguard is a big beast to put back together. I’m reasonably confident we will see it in due course.” Mercurio is on record as being enthusiastic about a second season when the first wrapped up, so we can rest assured there’s more story to explore.

We have very few details about the new season at this point, but it’s hopeful that the creator is speaking about its existence with such confidence. As to who will be involved, we don’t have confirmation that Madden was able to secure his schedule for Bodyguard.

Still, it would be hard to imagine the show without him, and if they’re going to put the effort into bringing it back after all this time, it seems reasonable they’d wait until Madden can be part of the cast. It would be hard to have Bodyguard without the bodyguard!