‘Bold and the Beautiful Fans Want Bridget Back

The Bold and the Beautiful has been entertaining its viewers since the show’s initial premiere in 1987. The daytime soap opera is centered around the Forrester family and the fashion business so many of the characters are passionate about.

As time has passed, the intricate storylines have kept fans on the edges of their seats. The CBS series continues to shock their viewers, but fans were pleasantly surprised to see the return of Bridget Forrester. Take a closer look at Bridget’s character, and what was going on during her return to The Bold and the Beautiful.

Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones | Alain BENAINOUS/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Who is Bridget from the ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’? 

Bridget Forrester has been a character on The Bold and the Beautiful since 1992. Over the years, Bridget’s character has been played by a variety of actresses. Agnes Bruckner and Jennifer Finnigan are just two of the talented individuals cast to play Bridget’s role on the popular soap opera.

However, since 2004, Ashley Jones has been the sole actress to take on Bridget’s identity. 

Bridget’s storyline has been one cloaked with drama and scandal from the character’s fictional birth. Bridget’s mother, Brooke, convinced everyone that Ridge was Bridget’s father when in reality she was unsure. Down the line when Bridget experienced a medical emergency the truth came out that Ridge wasn’t actually her dad.

Around 2010 Bridget and her son left the show and LA for New York. Decades have passed by and Bridget still finds herself caught up in Brooke’s deceit and treachery.

Find out all the details behind Bridget’s return appearance on the award-winning series and how fans have been reacting. 

Bridget returns to ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ 

In episode 124 of season 33 The Bold and the Beautiful, Bridget’s character resurfaced in the popular TV show The Bold and the Beautiful. Bridget found herself in LA for business reasons when she called her mom in hopes of being able to make dinner plans.

That is when Bridget learned about the reunion party her mother and Ridge were having to celebrate their relationship. Viewers could see the shock on the cast’s faces as soon as Bridget entered the scene. Though surprised, Donna and Katie ran were eager to give Bridget a warm welcome. 

While Bridget gets settled at her mother’s party her mom is off trying to do damage control at Quinn & Eric’s home. Brooke learned of Quinn’s manipulative plan to plant the video of Brooke and Bill kissing on the digital picture frame that was set to be displayed at Brooke and Ridge’s reunion party, and Brooke was determined to stop it.

Brooke threatens to expose Quinn for who she really is and promises to tell Ridge the truth after the party. Donna helped Brooke delete all of the content off of the digital picture frame, but Ridge, unknowingly to Brooke, reset the digital frame and put it out on display at the party.

Despite Brooke’s best efforts, the video of her secret kiss is seen by all of the guests and Ridge. Bridget’s character couldn’t have come back at a more opportune time. 

How did fans react to Bridget’s brief return on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’?

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful were thrilled to see Bridget return to the show. This tweet sharing the old photo of Jones in honor of her recent guest appearance on the show captured the excitement and nostalgia fans were feeling as a result of the star’s return.

Many fans are wondering why Jone’s character can’t return for good since they would love to have her back full time. It seems like what the majority of fans are hoping for.