‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Could Finn Have Killed Vinny?

Long-reaching arcs are a favorite theme for The Bold and the Beautiful. Long-reaching arcs that manage to get fans talking and speculating is exactly what everyone in the show wants to happen on a regular basis. That’s exactly what Vinny’s death has managed to do. Ever since the character was murdered, fans have been speculating about who might have killed Vinnie. One theory is that Finn was the mastermind behind the homicide.

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Vinny dies

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In a way, Vinny’s death was a “no good deed goes unpunished” situation, at least for Liam. Liam was doing the good and responsible thing at the time. When his father, Bill, had too much to drink, Liam decided to drive him home. The drive ended when Liam struck Vinny and “killed” him. It wasn’t long after this fatal accident that Soaps started speculating that the situation might not be as clear-cut as it appeared. The soap website theorized that Vinny was fatally injured prior to the car accident. The issue surrounding Vinny’s death is that lots of people hated him and wished him dead. SoapsinDepth reminds viewers that the list of potential suspects does include Liam, but there’s also Steffy, Hope, Thomas, and Finn. 

Why was Vinnie so hated?

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One of the most obvious reasons so many characters hated Vinny was because he was, at heart, a drug dealer. This is a classic soap opera setup that indicates a character is up to no good. Soap opera writers not only use the concept of drugs to set up a character as a bad guy, but it’s also a great way to introduce drama into the main characters’ lives. And Vinny excelled at using his drug background to create drama.

About a year ago, Vinny casually drugged Liam, a move that ultimately resulted in Liam sleeping with Steffy. Shortly after that, Steffy revealed she was pregnant and that there was a chance the baby was Liam’s. Vinny continued to play with Liam’s life by changing the paternity test results. This prompted Liam to assume that he was the father of Steffy’s baby. There’s just one problem, Finn is the father. All of this drama lays the groundwork for Steffy being the murderer. 

“Now that Vinny is gone,” Hollywood Hiccups wrote, “Steffy doesn’t have to worry about anyone disrupting her life and those who she loves the most in her life ever again.” Hope also has an ax to grind when it comes to Vinny. The main reason Vinny blew into town was that his best friend, Thomas, wanted Vinny’s help. The plan was to drug Hope so that Thomas would have a shot with her. Is it possible that the emotional turmoil Vinny brought into her life prompted her to make a move against the handsome drug dealer?

It’s pretty obvious that Vinny used his last words to say something to Bill. Is it possible that the last words could have been something that would have prompted Bill to kill Vinnie as the younger man lay bleeding on the road? Another suspect in the murder is none other than everyone’s favorite, seemingly righteous doctor, Finn.

Is Finn responsible for Vinny’s death?

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A theory that’s rapidly gaining speed and credibility is that Finn is the mastermind behind Vinny’s death. If true, it would certainly shatter Finn’s reputation as a golden boy. For all intents and purposes, Finn is one of the most easy-going, least emotional characters on the show, but he also seems like a character who is poised to move over to the dark side.    

The last time Finn and Vinny officially saw one another was when they exchanged a heated conversation, during which the truth about the paternity test that Vinny altered comes out. Finn had every reason to be angry, murderously so. Is it possible, he left the hospital and did something nefarious? If so, was it a crime of passion or a cold-blooded act?

Based on a Soap Dirt scoop, it looks like someone is falsely accused of Vinny’s murder and spends some time in a cell. Could that be Finn, or is he the real killer?