Naya Rivera Turned to God After Her Relationship With Big Sean and ‘Glee’ Ended

Naya Rivera went through a tough time after her breakup with Big Sean and after Glee came to an end. Here’s what Rivera said about her journey toward building a relationship with God during two major rough patches.

Naya Rivera found silver linings during a rough time in her life

Naya Rivera |  Michael Tran/FilmMagic
Naya Rivera | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Although Rivera had trouble in her personal and professional life, she still found something positive to focus on. In her book, Sorry Not Sorry, Rivera said it’s possible to find strength during difficult times. It’s all in the way you respond to your situation.

“The unexpected silver lining to a really horrible time in your life is that it can actually be somewhat empowering,” wrote Rivera. “It makes you realize how much control you do have—not over what is happening, but over how you choose to see it. So, I could sit there and be depressed and feel like a victim, or I could pick myself up and get on with it. If I have a personal philosophy, it’s ‘keep it moving,’ so that’s exactly what I did.”

Naya Rivera chose to separate herself and reconnect with God

Rivera said her only choice after experiencing a down point in her life was to separate herself and focus on her relationship with God. “I was going to have to keep my head high and deal with this mess, and the only way to do so was to detach,” wrote Rivera. “I had to forget about my ex, forget about the people on the Internet, forget about my costars. I had to just be with myself, and with God.”

Rivera stayed home for about two weeks. She said she wasn’t staying home so she could dwell on her problems and feel sorry for herself. Instead, she engaged in self-care and reflection.

I also took advantage of this time to start to pray a lot and to go to church. I really think that whoever you are, and whatever you believe in, you need to find something that gets you to a calmer place and makes you feel refreshed. For some people that thing is yoga, or reading self-help or philosophy books, but for me it’s church. I’m Christian and grew up going to church, and the principles of Christianity have always resonated with me.

Naya Rivera in ‘Sorry Not Sorry’

 Naya Rivera identified as a Christian

Rivera said it “felt right” to practice Christianity. She felt centered after spending time with God and focusing on her spiritual growth.   

Christianity had felt right from the beginning. Going to church felt good, what I learned there made sense, and I felt a real connection to God. Whenever I go to church, or pray, I feel refreshed, and afterward, the whole world seems a lot clearer.  

The year 2014 was a wake-up call—for the past two years, everything had moved at the speed of light, and they were going so well that I forgot they could get bad. Whenever there is commotion and noise in my life, I go back to the Bible and my relationship with God, and that steers me where I need to go.

Naya Rivera in ‘Sorry Not Sorry’

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