‘Bosch: Legacy’: [Spoiler] Makes Surprise Cameo in ‘Bosch’ Spinoff

Harry Bosch still has friends on the force. Faced with a challenging situation in the Whitney Vance case, the former LAPD detective called in a favor in order to protect a key piece of evidence in the latest episode of Bosch: Legacy

Madison Lintz as Maddie and Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch sitting in a courtroom in 'Bosch: Legacy'
Madison Lintz as Maddie and Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch in ‘Bosch: Legacy’ | Tyler Golden/Amazon Freevee

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[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Bosch: Legacy Episode 6.] 

Jamie Hector returns as Jerry Edgar in the latest episode of ‘Bosch: Legacy’ 

In “Chain of Authenticity,” Harry (Titus Welliver) received an envelope containing a handwritten will from his recently deceased client Whitney Vance (William Devane). The document named the PI the executor of the billionaire’s estate. It also contained a generous bequest to his long-time secretary Ida Porter (Kate Burton).  

The new will was sure to upset those who hoped to get their hands on Vance’s fortune and gain control of his company. John Creighton (Phil Morris), the head of Trident Security, had already warned Harry to back off on his search for Vance’s sole heir. Honey Chandler (Mimi Rogers) urged Bosch to keep the original document safe while they waited to see how everything played out. 

Harry later placed the will (or perhaps a copy of the will) in a safe deposit box. And at the end of the episode, he also met up with his former partner Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector), who is now a detective in the Robbery-Homicide Division. After they discussed a recent police shooting, Harry handed J. Edgar a manila envelope. J. Edgar said he would book it into evidence to keep it safe. But it wasn’t not clear if the envelope contained the original will or one of the decoy copies that Harry told Honey Chandler he planned to make. 

J. Edgar isn’t the only ‘Bosch’ character to pop up in the new series

Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch and Jamie Hector as Jerry Edgar outside LAPD headquarters in 'Bosch'
Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch and Jamie Hector as Jerry Edgar in ‘Bosch’ | Hopper Stone/Amazon Studios

Bosch: Legacy brought back three main characters from the original Prime Video series: Harry, Honey Chandler, and Harry’s daughter Maddie (Madison Lintz). Hector’s cameo as J. Edgar was a surprise, but he’s not the only Bosch character to make an unexpected appearance in the new show. 

In episode 4, retired detectives Crate (Gregory Scott Cummins) and Barrel (Troy Evans) helped Harry out with some surveillance he was conducting on associates of crooked hedge fund manager Carl Rogers (Michael Rose). And in episode 6, Scott Klace made a brief appearance as Hollywood Division watch commander John Mankiewicz. After an officer was shot in the line of duty, the sergeant asked Maddie to help notify her family.

Hector also recently reunited with one of co-stars from ‘The Wire’ 

Hector is currently appearing on HBO’s We Own This City. He also plays a homicide detective on that series, which focuses on a real-life case of corruption within the Baltimore PD. 

In a recent episode, Hector’s Sean Suiter character teamed up with Officer Jaquan Dixon, a uniformed cop who helped him solve a murder. Jermaine Crawford played Dixon. Both Hector and Crawford appeared in HBO’s landmark series The Wire. Hector played ruthless drug dealer Marlo Stanfield and Crawford played Duquan “Dukie” Weems, a neglected kid who eventually became a drug addict.

“I had spoken to Jermaine sinceThe Wire ended, but I hadn’t seen him since then,” Hector told TVLine. “It was a reunion and a feel-good moment. To see Jermaine in that role and knowing how talented he is felt like a win. … sharing the screen with him felt good. We had a great time.”

News episodes of Bosch: Legacy stream Fridays through May 27 on Amazon’s Freevee. 

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