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The new Bosch spinoff Bosch: Legacy (which debuted May 6 on Prime Video’s Freevee) features a few familiar faces. Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) is back, as are his daughter Maddie (Madison Lintz) and defense attorney Honey Chandler (Mimi Rogers). But now that Harry is no longer working for the LAPD – he turned in his badge in the Bosch Season 7 finale – he’s not rolling up to crime scenes with his partner Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) or giving case updates to Lieutenant Grace Billets (Amy Aquino). 

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first four episodes of Bosch: Legacy.]

Harry Bosch is on his own in ‘Bosch: Legacy’

Harry Bosch talking on spearkphone in the 'Bosch' spinoff 'Bosch: Legacy'
‘Bosch: Legacy’ | Tyler Golden/Amazon Freevee

First, a quick recap for those who’ve forgotten what went down in the Bosch series finale. After clashing yet again with Chief Irvin Irving (Lance Reddick) regarding a case of arson that led to the death of a little girl, Detective Bosch resigned from the LAPD. The episode ended with him applying for his private investigator’s license. 

At the same time, an internal reorganization meant that everyone from Hollywood Homicide was going their separate ways. Irving assured Billets she was in line for a major promotion and Edgar got a coveted gig with the Robbery Homicide Division. Detective Vega (Jacqueline Obradors) went to Operation West Bureau, Homicide, while her partner, Detective Pierce (DaJuan Johnson) was stuck on the Hollywood Area night shift – and not very happy about it. Aging detectives Crate (Gregory Scott Cummins) and Barrel (Troy Evans) already had one foot out the door and were likely headed to retirement. 

When Bosch: Legacy opens, Harry is working as a PI. It’s a solo gig, but he does get support from Maurice “Mo” Bassi, a jazz-loving tech whiz who helps out on some of his cases. But the show hasn’t left the Hollywood Division behind entirely. Maddie is a new LAPD recruit working out of her dad’s old stomping grounds. 

Crate and Barrel make an appearance in the ‘Bosch’ spinoff 

Harry Bosch standing in between Crate and Barrel in an episode of 'Bosch'
‘Bosch’ | Lacey Terrell

Harry might have left the LAPD behind, but he still keeps in touch with some of his old colleagues. In Bosch: Legacy’s fourth episode, he calls on the now-retired Crate and Barrel to help with some surveillance. 

The pair of ex-detectives listen in on a conversation between hedge-fund millionaire Carl Rogers (Michael Rose) and his associates. (Rogers is the man behind the hit on Honey Chandler in Bosch Season 7.) Later, they create a diversion that allows Harry to sneak into an industrial site where he discovers that Rogers is stealing gas for the Russian mafia. The two also provide a bit of comic relief by engaging in some of their characteristic banter.

Will other ‘Bosch’ characters be in the new show? 


‘Bosch: Legacy’ Release Date, How to Watch, Cast, and Early Season 2 News

So far, we don’t know if any other Bosch veterans will make a surprise appearance on Bosch: Legacy. The show’s first four episodes dropped May 6, with two new episodes releasing on subsequent Fridays through May 27. But it sounds like it’s possible fans will get more updates on the rest of the old crew. 

Welliver recently chatted with TVLine about the new series and was asked if there would be news about Billets, Edgar, or other characters. 

“Yes, 100%,” he replied. “I can’t speak to it, but I’ll tell you, yes.”

Bosch: Legacy is now streaming on Freevee (formerly IMDb TV). 

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