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Brad Pitt is finally divorced from Angelina Jolie, after nearly four contentious years in court. The superstar is focusing on his film career, his art collection, and reconnecting with old friends, and has not publicly confirmed that he is dating anyone new.

However, fans are eager to see Pitt find romance again, and have paired him with everyone from his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, to recent co-stars. The most persistent dating rumor regarding Pitt is that he is pursuing a romance with Alia Shawkat, one of the stars of Arrested Development. Still, the truth of their relationship might not be so easy to categorize. 

Brad Pitt was rumored to be dating Jennifer Aniston

Pitt and Aniston were one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples in the early 2000s. They split when Pitt met Jolie, and the two starred in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Pitt and Jolie embarked on a romance that would last for ten years.

In 2016, two years after Pitt and Jolie tied the knot, they divorced and went through a bitter custody battle involving their six children. 

After Pitt and Jolie split, many fans speculated that he would end up reconnecting with Aniston. She recently divorced from Justin Theroux, making the timing seem perfect for a big reunion with her ex. Pitt and Aniston were even spotted together on several occasions, including at Aniston’s fiftieth birthday party.

Still, Pitt himself has shut down dating rumors on several occasions, shrugging off the idea that he and Aniston have any romantic interest in each other these days. 

Who is Alia Shawkat?

There is, however, one woman whom Pitt could be interested in. Alia Shawkat is an actress and artist, known for her affinity to choose quirky, funny roles in both television and film projects. She has appeared in movies such as Cedar Rapids, Prom Wars, Whip It, Deck the Halls, Ruby Sparks, Paint It Black, and 20th Century Women

Shawkat is probably best known for her role in Arrested Development. As Mae “Maeby” Fünke, Shawkat originally appeared on the show from 2003 until 2006, and then returned in 2013. Shawkat’s character was such a fan-favorite that viewers demanded she return again, and she did in 2018, staying until the 2019 season.

In addition to her work on Arrested Development, she has appeared on television shows like JAG, Veronica Mars, Drunk History, and Search Party. Although Shawkat has not quite reached A-list status, she is well on her way, and many viewers recognize her as one of the most talented young actresses of her generation. 

Are Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat dating?

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt attends the Premiere of 20th Century Fox’s ‘Ad Astra’ | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

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Shawkat might be twenty-five years younger than Pitt, but the two seem to have a lot in common. They share an appreciation for art and were first spotted together in late 2019, attending various art exhibits and plays. Although tabloids were quick to state that Pitt and Shawkat have been hooking up and are casually dating, other sources have spoken out to say that the two are just good friends. 

According to a recent report, Shawkat and Pitt truly enjoy spending time together, and even though the two are in quarantine, they have been visiting each other on occasion. A source in the story states that “they’re only about 10 minutes away from each other, so Alia will bike or walk to Brad’s place whenever they have time to chill. It’s all very organic and easy.”

Although their friendship could certainly turn into romance in the days to come, for now, it seems as though Pitt and Shawkat are enjoying a low-key friendship.