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Mega star Brad Pitt has a long-standing relationship with makeup artist Jean Black. Together for approximately three decades, the two have become like family members. Earlier in his career, Pitt and Black had to tackle a sensitive cosmetic issue in order for him to appear camera-ready.

Brad Pitt promotes 'Ad Astra'
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Makeup artist Jean Black gets assigned to Brad Pitt in 1990

The veteran makeup artist shared how she was originally paired with the Oscar winner when he was just starting on his rise to fame. Their partnership resulted in a lifelong friendship.

“In 1990 I got called to do a movie called Cool World and they told me that there was a young guy in it — a young actor — and his name was Brad Pitt,” Black told GQ in 2017. “It started a long journey for us together. … To have travelled the world with him… it’s a whole life that I would never have thought possible. It’s pretty unusual for someone like Brad, or someone in that position, to be so loyal.”

Black noted how their similarities make for a compatible relationship and contributes to their continual bond.

“Brad and I are both loners. We had kind of a sense we could enjoy being in the same room without having to talk all the time,” she said. “It’s kind of a rare duo … There was just a real copacetic type of thing in terms of humor and things we like.”

Brad Pitt and the ‘Property Brothers’ give Jean Black a surprise renovation

In April 2020, Pitt decided to surprise Black with a home makeover and enlisted HGTV’s Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott. The Academy Award winner shared how he considers Black much more than his makeup artist.

“She’s family, we’re like brother and sister,” Pitt said on Celebrity I.O.U., according to the New York Post. “She’s been that person I value so much in my life.”

Recruiting the Scott brothers to renovate Black’s garage while she was away on vacation, Pitt helped the master builders convert the standalone building into a fully functional space with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, makeup studio, and storage unit. Black was bowled over by the gesture upon her return.

“I’m really just so flabbergasted. It’s really very moving and I just so appreciate it,” she said on the Celebrity I.O.U. episode. “I know Brad’s generosity, it’s huge. But for him to do this, it’s really more than I ever thought could happen.”

Jean Black has Pitt’s back … well, think lower

During the HGTV show, Black shared that being someone’s go-to makeup artist involves much more than using foundation and highlighter.

“Makeup is a lot about trust,” she revealed on Celebrity I.O.U, according to Heavy. “It’s not always about how great you are at makeup. It’s how much you can understand people.”

Apparently, Pitt has formed a solid trust with Black. The actor described a time earlier in his career when she had to go into unknown territory to even out some skin tones.


Brad Pitt Says His Favorite Movie is the ‘Worst-Performing Film of Anything I’ve Done’

“There was a time, on Legends of the Fall, she had to make up my butt because of bad tan lines,” he recalled of the 1994 film on the episode. “When it comes up, we can’t really look each other in the eye.”

Evidently, Pitt’s Celebrity I.O.U. episode covered more than home renovations!