Brandy Doesn’t Want More Kids After Her Daughter Sy’rai: ‘It’s Me and Her For Life’

Brandy fans have been having a great year. In July, she released her highly anticipated eighth studio album B7, which coincided with her popular ’90s sitcom Moesha being added to Netflix. A month later, she reunited with her longtime frenemy Monica for an equally anticipated Verzuz battle.

Now that things have calmed down a bit, Brandy stopped by The Wendy Williams Show to talk about Verzuz, B7, motherhood, Moesha, and much more.

Brandy at Black Girls Rock
Brandy | Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Brandy became a mom 18 years ago

It may be hard to believe, but Brandy is the mother of a college-aged girl. In 2001, Brandy met producer Robert “Big Bert” Smith while working on her Full Moon album. They revealed their relationship in February of that following year, and also revealed that they were expecting a child together. They even said publicly that they had gotten married, which Brandy said later that she did out of “pressure of having to be perfect.”

Sy’rai Iman Smith was born in June 2002, and the lead-up to her birth was chronicled on the MTV reality show Brandy: Special Delivery. The couple split just a year later, and Smith revealed in 2004 that they had never been legally married, but that they pretended to marry to preserve Brandy’s “good girl” public image. Brandy later said that she regarded her relationship with Smith as a “spiritual union and true commitment to each other.”

Brandy’s daughter Sy’rai is all grown up — and she’s an artist too

18 years later, Sy’rai Iman Smith is a grown woman and just started college (albeit still at home with her mom). Brandy opened up to Wendy Williams about how fast she’s grown up.

“It’s unbelievable. The time goes by so fast,” Brandy said. “She’s just a beautiful, solid young lady. I really trust her with her life, and I feel like she’s on the right path.”

Brandy also mentions that Smith is a musician herself, proving that the genes really do run in the family. She’s released some songs herself and appeared as a feature on Brandy’s new B7 album. She even has her own YouTube channel.

Sy'rai Iman Smith and mother Brandy Norwood pose at the Opening Night After Party for Brandy's debut in "Chicago" on Broadway (2015)
Sy’rai Iman Smith and mother Brandy Norwood pose at the Opening Night After Party for Brandy’s debut in Chicago on Broadway (2015) | Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

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Brandy doesn’t want any more kids

Even though Brandy loves her daughter with all her heart, she doesn’t have any desire to have any more kids. When asked by Williams if she’s an overprotective mom, Brandy says she knows she’s overprotective.

“I’m super overprotective, I get on her nerves, I embarrass her still,” Brandy acknowledges, “but that’s my girl. I love her.”

Every protective parent smothers and embarrasses their child, and it’s no different if you’re the child of a Grammy-winning singer and actress. But despite her love for Sy’rai and her love of being a mother, Brandy has never been in any rush over the last 18 years to have more kids, and now, at age 41, she doesn’t see herself having any.

“She’s all I have, and I feel like she’s the only child that I’m going to have,” Brandy smiled. “It’s me and her for life.”