Brandy Was Once in a Love Triangle With Boyz II Men’s Wanya Morris and Another R&B Artist

During the mid-90s, Brandy was in an intense secret relationship with Boyz II Men’s Wanya Morris. Though their romance started out on a high note, it eventually came to a less than perfect end due to lies, deceit, and a messy love triangle.

Brandy and Boyz II Men
Brandy and Boyz II Men| Dave Allocca/DMI/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

Brandy fell in love with Wanya Morris at the age of 15

1994 was a year of firsts for Brandy. Not only did she release her debut album, Brandy, that sold over six million copies worldwide, she also fell in love for the very first time.

At just 15-years-old, Brandy had developed strong feelings for Boyz II Men’s Wanya Morris — who’s six years her senior — after he invited her to be the opening act on the group’s 1995 national tour.

Though she was hesitant to express her feelings for him at first, the actress eventually drew up the courage to tell Morris how she felt.

“I just told him that I loved him and thanked him for making me feel the way I feel because I had never felt that way before,” she recalled during a 2012 episode of VH1’s Behind the Music. “He was just like, ‘Wow.’ The relationship took a transition, and we became a couple. I was on a high. It was love. It was real love.”

The “Brokenhearted” collaborators carried on an intense relationship for two years but kept their romance hidden from prying eyes due to Brandy’s budding career.

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“Immediately everything was about my career,” the “Sittin Up In My Room” singer explained. “What are you teaching young girls? Do they fall in love at a young age? Is that wrong? Is that a sin? It just made me feel like I was all by myself and that whatever I’m feeling personally is going to have to be put to the side.”

Wanya Morris broke off their relationship

Just one month shy her 19th birthday, Morris called it quits from Brandy due to him falling in love with someone else.

Since the Boyz II Men singer was her “first love,” the Moesha star was devastated by the breakup and recalled feeling crushed when he’d left her.

“He fell in love with someone else. The worst feeling is to be in love all by yourself. That feels f*cked up, honestly,” Brandy said. “It does and that’s the only way I can really put it. It felt like somebody had completely taken my heart out of my body and just crushed it.”

Adina Howard started dating Wanya Morris while he was still with Brandy

While Morris was still dating Brandy, he began hanging out with singer Adina Howard, who rose to fame in the mid-1990s with her debut album, Do You Wanna Ride? and her debut single, “Freak like Me.”

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During a 2019 appearance on TVOne’s Unsung, Howard revealed that she and the Grammy winner had a “thing” going on while she was working on her second album, Welcome to Fantasy Island.

The relationship eventually sparked an alleged feud between Brandy and Howard — who were both signed to Atlantic Records at the time — and began causing drama in the workplace.

“Two young ladies, a lot of their egos get in the way and were kind of going through it about a guy,” Howard recalled.

The love triangle eventually reached the ears of label executive, Sylvia Rhone, who reportedly told Howard to focus on her music and not her relationship with Morris.

Soon, media maven Wendy Williams caught wind of the scandal and gave Howard a call. During their conversation, the singer shared “some choice words” about Rhone and Brandy, which did not sit well with the label exec.

As a result, Howard’s release date for her second album was delayed indefinitely.

“I said something very inappropriate about the head of the label and she pulled up the emergency brake, and shut everything down,” the singer recalled. “And rightfully so because when you have the power to do that and you don’t like what people are saying about you, yeah.”