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Hannah Berner from Summer House spilled during a “Giggly Squad” session on Instagram that that man Madison Stalker from Below Deck Sailing Yacht was “talking to” slid into her DMs recently.

Hannah Berner, Paige DeSorbo from 'Summer House'
Hannah Berner, Paige DeSorbo |Ralph Bavaro/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Stalker played coy about a mystery man during the Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion. She said she was currently “talking to” someone from the Bravo family. So host Andy Cohen wondered if it was someone she’s following like Colin Macy-O’Toole from Below Deck Mediterranean or Luke Gulbranson from Summer House.

Rather than naming names, Stalker hinted that it wasn’t Macy-O’Toole. This led fans to believe she was getting involved with Gulbranson. However, on her Instagram, Stalker confirmed she wasn’t involved with Gulbranson.

The ‘Giggly Squad’ think they know who it is

Berner dished during a fundraiser session. “So quick drama I wanna address from Bravo last week with a girl named Madison from a Below Deck show on a reunion,” she shares. “Andy said, ‘What’s your relationship status?’ She said, ‘I’m currently talking to someone. And he’s from the Bravo universe.””

She says her direct messages blew up when Stalker hinted it was Gulbranson. Paige DeSorbo says that she thought it was Madison LeCroy from Southern Charm adding that she wasn’t familiar with Stalker.

“So, Luke that day called me twice so I wasn’t worried necessarily,” Berner says. “But then I did a little recon. He wasn’t even following her. And Luke doesn’t play games like that, he’ll follow anyone. So I knew in my heart of hearts [they weren’t talking].” Berner and Gulbranson were linked romantically during season 4 and continue to have a friendly and “complicated” relationship.

Did Stalker’s new love interest reach out to Berner?

Berner adds that Gulbranson called her and didn’t even recognize Stalker. Berner wondered if she should be angry that Stalker implied that she was “talking to” Gulbranson. Actually she was more annoyed that Cohen seemed delighted that Stalker and Gulbranson could be dating. But Berner said she ultimately thought it was funny.

However, Berner insists she knows the identity of Stalker’s mystery man. “So the guy she’s actually talking to, they found out who it was,” she says. “She’s actually talking to this South African guy who is on the new Below Deck Med.”

Berner leans in the whisper, “Guess who messaged me last week? The guy she’s talking to!” Berner melts into laughter while DeSorbo looks like her mind is blown. “So ladies, don’t’ try to throw other ladies under the bus,” Berner says.

Stalker isn’t exactly sharing who it is

While fans may have concluded Stalker was dating Robert Westergaard from Below Deck Med, she’s remaining tight-lipped. She hasn’t confirmed and neither has Westergaard.


‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: Madison Stalker Confirms She’s Not Dating Luke Gulbranson From ‘Summer House’ (So Who Is Her Mystery Man?)

One romance Bravo fans know did happen is Westergaard’s romance with another crew member this season. The Below Deck Med trailer shows that Westergaard and third stew Jessica More have a boatmance this season. However, the season was filmed nearly a year ago. More and Westergaard don’t follow each other on Instagram so they are probably no longer together.