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After 10 years of marriage with all of its ups and downs, it appears that actors Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox are going their separate ways. Though Fox had previously filed from divorce from Green in 2015, the pair went on to have another baby and work through their issues. Unfortunately this time it appears that the pair are separating for good.

Now, amid speculation about their impending divorce and Fox’s budding relationship with rapper/actor Machine Gun Kelly, Green is getting candid about the end of his marriage and Fox’s possible new romance.

Inside the ups and downs of Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox’s marriage

Green and Fox met back in 2004 when they were filming ABC’s Hope and Faith. The actress has previously said that she immediately felt sparks between herself and her husband. The pair wed in 2010 after six years of dating.

The duo went on to welcome two sons, Noah and Bodhi before splitting briefly in 2015. Their split was shortlived when they welcomed their third son, Journey River, in August 2016.

“Marriage is hard. It’s work, I think for anyone,” Green explained on a September 2017 episode of his podcast, with Brian Austin Green. “I think when you get to the point like we have, where you have kids and you’ve been married for a while and we’ve been together for a long time, it’s – you just take it day by day. I have no problem with something not working, I really hold no expectations. I try to live day by day… Some people look at divorce or things not working as, like, a disappointment and it’s not. The fact that it worked at all is a positive.”

Megan Fox was spotted with Machine Gun Kelly

Fox and Green seemed steady up until recently when the Transformers actress was spotted out with Machine Gun Kelly sans her wedding ring. TMZ published photos of the pair riding around in Kelly’s car and stopping for a meal.

Though neither Fox nor Kelly have spoken publically about the outing, Green is getting candid about the end of his marriage and his soon-to-be ex-wife’s new romance.


Why Brian Austin Green First Rejected Megan Fox

Brian Austin Green is getting candid about Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

Initially, when the TMZ photos of Kelly and Fox hit the press, Green posted a cryptic message on Instagram saying, “Eventually butterflies get bored sitting on a flower for too long. They start feeling smothered. It’s a great big world and they want to experience it.”

However, he recently took to his podcast to give fans some real insight into what’s going on. “Neither one of us did anything to each other,” he explained, saying he and Fox had been distant for some time. “She’s always been honest with me, I’ve always been honest with her. We’ve had an amazing relationship and I will always love her and I know she will always love me. And I know as far as a family, what we have built is really cool and really special.”

He went on to chat about Fox and Kelly’s relationship. “Megan has continued working and doing that,” Green shared. “She met this guy, Colson [Machine Gun Kelly’s given name is Colsen Baker], onset on this film she’s working on… I’ve never met him, but Megan and I have talked about him. They’re just friends at this point. From what she’s expressed he’s a really just nice, genuine guy. I trust her judgment. She’s always had really good judgment. I don’t want people to think that her or he are villains or that I was a victim in any way with any of this. Because I wasn’t. This isn’t something new for us, this is something new for people to experience and hear about in the press… I don’t want anybody to be vilified in this situation.”

This is hard, but it looks like Green and Fox are going to handle this as maturely as possible.